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Top 5 Alternatives to Extratorrent

In an unforeseen move, Extratorrent decided to shut down few months ago. It was one of the most popular torrent site, but now users who visit it's homepage are greeted with a message which clearly states they are not going to return in the future.

Top 5 Alternatives to Extratorrent

Now that they are gone, various clone sites such as has been setup to squeeze money from the confused visitors via its advertisements. People visiting these clone sites should know that the original ExtraTorrent owners have deleted all data, and none of the impostors have access to the old ExtraTorrent files.

There are many alternatives out there. You just need to look at the right place. Take a look at the following original torrent sites which might entice you.
1337x is probably the best designed torrent site you'll ever come across. Although it lacks the ExtraTorrents' rating system, nonetheless, most of the contents are verified by moderators.

The site has easy-to-navigate subsections which makes the content discovery process quite simple.

The Pirate Bay
The Pirate Bay is once again the "king of torrents" with humongous amount of torrents. The site looks very old, and clearly lacks 1337x's easy-to-navigate subsections but apart from that the site contains plethora of genuine torrents.
RARBG was founded in 2008, however, the site closed for one week due to legal pressure from BREIN. RARBG is one of the biggest BitTorrent tracker you'll ever come across. Try its catalogue system.
Few months ago, a raid by security agency brought the KickassTorrents offline, however, few ex-staffers has launched a reincarnation of the KAT. The new site uses a fresh and secure database, but the look and feel remains almost same.

Torlock claims all the torrents indexed on the site are verified, and the moderators will remove any torrent links with a valid DMCA take-down notice.

Other sites you might like:

That's all! Don't forget to share your favorite torrent site.

Remove "Restore Previous Versions" Option from Context Menu in Windows

Windows has a feature which lets you to restore the previous versions of any drive, folders, or files. Actually, it is a part of "File History" service of Windows which helps in recovering accidentally deleted files by copying them to a backup location.

Remove "Restore Previous Versions" Option from Context Menu in Windows

If you don't need this service, then you can can disable this by turning off the File History service in Services Manager.
  • Open Run dialog box by pressing Windows and R key simultaneously.
  • Type services.msc and press OK. It'll open Services Manager.
  • In Services Manager, right click on the "File History Service" and choose Properties.
  • Now, change the startup type to Disabled and then click on the Apply button.
  • Done!
After disabling this service, you'll notice that the "Restore Previous Versions" item is still available in the Context Menu.

Follow the following steps if you want to get rid of the "Restore Previous Versions" from the Context Menu in your Windows PC.

Note: We'll use Registry Editor in this tutorial. Proceed with caution.
  • Open RUN dialog box, type regedit and press OK button.
  • Next go to the following keys one by one:
  • For all the above mentioned keys, you'll find two sub-keys:
  • We can use "ContextMenuHandlers" key to manage the list of items which are displayed in the Context Menu (Right Click Menu).
  • The key which is responsible for showing Previous Versions option in context menu is: {596AB062-B4D2-4215-9F74-E9109B0A8153}.
  • Now if you want to remove the "Restore Previous Versions" item from the Context Menu, then delete the {596AB062-B4D2-4215-9F74-E9109B0A8153} present in ContextMenuHandlers key for all the four keys mentioned above.
  • That's it! Deleting the keys will immediately remove "Previous Versions" item from the right click menu.
Tip: You can remove the "Previous Versions" tab from the Properties window by deleting the same key in PropertySheetHandlers key.

Remove "Restore Previous Versions" Option from Context Menu in Windows

To restore the previous options, you'll have to create the {596AB062-B4D2-4215-9F74-E9109B0A8153} key again in ContextMenuHandlers for all four keys mentioned in step 2.

How to Take a Screenshot of a Whole Webpage in Chrome & Firefox

Screenshots can be very useful for blogs, presentations, and customer care, etc. It is quite easy to take screenshots of the visible area, but there aren't many ways to take screenshots of a whole webpage. Typically, most people use extensions to do the task, however, it is also possible to take a full screenshot without using any third party extension or plugin.

If you don't trust browser extensions then you can use Developer Tools in Chrome and Firefox to do the same.

Chrome: You can use Responsive Design Mode in chrome to capture the whole webpage. Follow the following simple steps to see how to do it:
  • Go to the page you wish to capture.
  • Launch Developer Tools by pressing F12 button or navigate to Menu > More Tools > Developer tools.
  • Press CTRL+SHIFT+M simultaneously to go to the device toolbar.
  • Click on the "More options" button from the top right corner of the screen.
Take a Screenshot of a Whole Webpage in Chrome
  • Click on the "Capture full size screenshot" option.
  • Done!
Firefox: It is also possible in Firefox but, at first, you'll need to enable "Take a screenshot of the entire page" option from the Developer Toolbar setting.
  • Launch Firefox.
  • Open the webpage and launch Developer Tools by pressing F12 button or alternatively you can open the DevTools via Menu > Developer > Toggle Tools.
  • Click on the "Toolbox Options" button and scroll down to "Available Toolbox Buttons" section.
Take a Screenshot of a Whole Webpage in Firefox
  • Turn on the "Take a screenshot of the entire page" option.
  • That's it! Now you can click on this button in the Developer Tools to get the full page screenshot.
Tip: Adjust the responsive view to take the screenshot of the mobile version of the webpage in chrome.

How to View & Reset Data Usage in Windows 10

Windows 10 was launched almost two years ago, but the initial version of the operating systems was quite buggy and it was not appealing to many users. However, the latest stable Creators Update for Windows 10 includes various new features and design tweaks.

How to View & Reset Data Usage in Windows 10

If you use a Windows 10 PC regularly then you might have noticed that there is a built-in tool to monitor your PC's data usage for different Internet connections. It is an efficient feature and shows the data usage of every applications for the last 30 days.

View Network Data Usage in Windows 10
Follow the following steps to get a glimpse of your data usage in the last 30 days:
  • Open Settings app by pressing Window+I key simultaneously.
  • Click on the "Network & Internet" option.
View Network Data Usage in Windows 10
  • Next, go to the "Data usage" section from the left sidebar.
View Network Data Usage in Windows 10
  • Now you can see the total data consumed by your PC in last 30 days. Click on the "View usage details" link to check the data consumed by each app.
If you are using Windows 10 from the initial versions then you might be have noticed that Microsoft has removed the direct link to reset the data usage counter. Actually, Windows stores the data usage in the sru folder located in "C:\Windows\System32\sru". To reset the data usage you will have to delete all the files available inside the sru folder by logging into Safe Mode.

Reset/Clear Data Usage in Windows 10
If you don't want to reset it manually or if you're just lazy today then you can use a third party app to reset the counter. In this tutorial, we'll use Reset Data Usage app to achieve the same result. It's a simple and lightweight portable app to complete this task smoothly.
  • Download the tool from here.
  • Extract the files and run the 64-bit or 32-bit version of the app as per your system's configuration.
 Reset/Clear Data Usage in Windows 10
  • Click on the Reset Data Usage button.
  • That's it!

Firefox Focus is Now Available on Android

There are large number of web browsers available for Android, some put efforts on minimalistic design, a bit of them offers wide variety of add-ons, few of them focuses on saving data, many are there to collect your private information but hardly any of them offers robust privacy.

Firefox Focus is Now Available on Android

Firefox Focus is a web browser by Mozilla which is centered around private browsing. It is a super simple browser, which blocks any content trackers and ads. It has a powerful Stealth mode which blocks its screenshots in Recent Apps.

Firefox Focus is Now Available on Android

Firefox Focus was launched on Apple App Store a year ago, and now it's available for Android with many new features. This browsers doesn't offers as many features as other browsers but it offers a robust privacy protection in it's minimalistic interface. The design is so soothing that you may want to to replace your feature rich browser with Focus even if you're not particularly concerned about ads and trackers!

Firefox Focus is Now Available on Android

Unlike Firefox, it doesn't have tabs, extensions, and account synchronisation. It can only open a tab at a time. To browse: Open Firefox Focus > type a URL and the tracker free page will open!
The latest version of the browser allows to disable ad blocking. So, if some website completely blocks its preview without ads then you can disable content blocking for a moment. You can click the trash icon located at the bottom of the page to delete the history and cookies after you're done with the browsing.

Get Firefox Focus on Play Store

Inside three dot menu, there is also an option  to open the current tab via Firefox or other web browser.

Play Virtual Fidget Spinner Simulation Game in Google Search

Google has hidden plenty of games in it's search, and they keep increasing. To access a game, you'll need to search a certain keyword to trigger it. For example: To play Atari Breakout- Search for Atari Breakout on Google Images!

Play Virtual Fidget Spinner Simulation Game in Google Search

Just a few hours ago, redditors have discovered that Google has hidden a virtual fidget spinner simulation game in it's search result. Follow the simple steps given below to access it:
  • Open Google Search in your web browser.
  • Search for "Spinner" without quotes.
Play Virtual Fidget Spinner Simulation Game in Google Search
  • Viola!
Considering you search for the right keyword, the game appears in mobile as well as the desktop versions of Search. However, it's not available in the light version of the Search page.

The game works similar to the real life version of the fidget spinner. To play: Just mimic a rotational motion using your finger in your touchscreen smartphone. You can use your mouse to mimic the rotational motion in your PC. Alternatively, you can click on the spin button.

You can even change it to a number wheel and add different amount of numbers. Click on the toggle in the top right corner to switch between the spinner and number wheel.

To customize the number in the wheel: Click on the wheel size button to choose your desired size (between 2-20).

Click here to play with the virtual fidget spinner. Want to check out other hidden games? Click here then.

How to Watch Any TV Show or Movie on Kodi

Kodi is a cross-platform media center solution developed by XBMC/Kodi Foundation, a non-profit technology association. Kodi which was previously known as XBMC has been growing rapidly from last few years. While the application offers to play local media files, but, it has plethora of third party add-ons, which, we can use to increase it's usefulness.

How to Watch Any TV Show or Movie on Kodi

In this post, you'll learn the process to install Indigo and Exodus on Kodi 18 (64-bit). The process is similar on version 17 of this app, however, I haven't checked the previous versions.

Note: Streaming copyrighted content is illegal, nevertheless, it's completely legal to use Kodi for viewing the content you've purchased.

First, we'll need to add Indigo Installer. Follow the following steps to know how to do it:
  • Open Kodi.
How to Watch Any TV Show or Movie on Kodi
  • Click on the Gear button (settings).
How to Watch Any TV Show or Movie on Kodi
  • Select File Manager.
How to Watch Any TV Show or Movie on Kodi
  • Double Click on Add Source.
How to Watch Any TV Show or Movie on Kodi
  • Click on <None>...
How to Watch Any TV Show or Movie on Kodi
  • ...type and click OK.
  • Type fusion under "Enter a name for this media source".
How to Watch Any TV Show or Movie on Kodi
  • Click Ok.
Next, we'll need to enable Unknown Sources to install the third party add-ons. Follow these steps:
  • Return to Kodi Home Screen.
  • Click on Add-ons.
  • Go to Add-ons setting by clicking on the Gear icon.
How to Watch Any TV Show or Movie on Kodi
  • Enable Unknown Sources, accept the warning. Skipping this step will prevent Kodi from installing third party add-ons.
How to Watch Any TV Show or Movie on Kodi
  • That's it!
It's not over yet, follow the following steps to install the required Indigo add-on from the ZIP file. Don't worry, we'll not download any ZIP file, everything will taken care inside Kodi.
  • Return/Go to the Add-ons screen.
  • Click on the Box icon (it's in the top left corner of the screen).
How to Watch Any TV Show or Movie on Kodi
  • Select "install from zip file" (it's in the right hand side).
How to Watch Any TV Show or Movie on Kodi
  • Now, click on fusion.
How to Watch Any TV Show or Movie on Kodi
  • Next, click begin here.
How to Watch Any TV Show or Movie on Kodi
  • Install the Indigo add-on by clicking on Kodi may freeze or stop responding for a while but do not close the app.
How to Watch Any TV Show or Movie on Kodi
  • Restart Kodi.
We can now install any add-ons from Indigo's Add-on installer. Follow the following steps to browse featured add-ons.
  • Return to the Add-ons screen.
  • Select Indigo (it'll be in the video add-ons section).
How to Watch Any TV Show or Movie on Kodi
  • Click on Add-on installer.
How to Watch Any TV Show or Movie on Kodi
  • Now browse any add-on you like. Exodus is available in Featured Add-ons section for now.
How to Watch Any TV Show or Movie on Kodi
  • Done!
This post is only intended for information purposes. Support creators and purchase original high quality content.

Microsoft Accidentally Releases Broken Insider Preview Build to Users

It looks like Microsoft has accidentally released a broken insider preview builds to its mobile users. Installing the new build will cause your phone to enter a boot loop, and you may need to reset your phone with WDRT (Windows Device Recovery Tool). If you're a Windows 10 insider mobile user, do not install the build 16212.

Microsoft Accidentally Releases Buggy Insider Build to Users

Some users are reporting that this this update is rolling to some non-insiders too. Build 16212 is causing the phones to go into boot loop, and, as a result, Windows Insider chief Dona Sarkar has urged users via a tweet to not install any new builds until they say otherwise.
In the next tweet, she added that non-insider users may see the the build being offered to them but it'll not install.
It is reported that some PCs are also receiving this build. If you see the insider build 16212 being offered to you, do not install.

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