HTML Code Encoder and Parser Tool to Escape Raw Code

Welcome to Hackers & Thieves Html Code Parsing page. HTML encoder is very useful when you need to encode or parse a HTML code to XML. This HTML Encoder (also known as HTML parser or escape tool) will let you display HTML codes in your Blog posts and in the comments if the comment system doesn't allow using these codes directly. And this HTML Encoder will help in encoding the codes. Let's say you want to add Google Adsense ad code in your websites Webpage and you are facing problems as the Adsense ad code needs to be parsed than in that case you can use the HTML Parsing tool to encode the Adsense ad code. If you will add the ad code directly in your webpage without parsing the code than it will not work and in other words the ads will not be shown in your website or blog. You can use this HTML Parsing tool to parse the HTML code before commenting to ensure that the HTML code that you are using will be displayed properly after publishing your comment. This HTML Code Parser is not only used for parsing codes for Adsense and Comment System but it can be used to parse any type of JavaScripts and HTML codes.

HTML Code Encoder and Parser Tool to Escape Raw Code

This HTML code Encoder is very easy to handle and use. If you want to encode the raw code than you will have to add that code in the box below and click Encode button. After clicking Encode button the raw code will be replaced by the escaped code. Just copy the escaped code and add it anywhere you want to use the escaped code. If you want to encode another code than doing for that you will need to clear the text area so that you can place another raw code in the box to escape it. If you want to clear the text area (box in which you added the raw code for parsing) than click on Clear All button. Clicking the Clear All button will remove all the raw code or escaped code from the text area, so use it only if you want to remove the code which is present in text area box.

This HTML Code Parsing Tool can also be used by Blogger users to parse Adsense ad code for Blogger Templates. You may be familiar with Blogger Comment System and you may be facing some problems in placing HTML codes in the comments as the Blogger doesn't allows using HTML codes in comments. If you will post the HTML codes in Comment then a message will appear saying that the HTML code cannot be accepted. If you want to place HTML Codes in Blogger comments than you will first need to parse the HTML code before publishing your comment. Just add the comment containing HTML code in the Box given below and then click on Encode Button. After that you can add the parsed code in the Blogger Comment Box and Publish it.

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