About Us

Welcome to SpicyTweaks about page. Read about this blog below.

SpicyTweaks is a an online platform which provide various easy tutorial to Blogger around the world. I will keep you updated with the latest technology and whats happening now in the world.

SpicyTweaks also publish review of WordPress plugins and themes. Also, I also like to review popular smartphones that you may like.

This blog contains various useful tutorials that is necessary for any new Bloggers and experts.  You will find various posts on Windows operating system, Linux etc. I keep you updated with the new tutorials and spicy tweaks to make your life more spicy.

I love designing. Here you will find many, many tutorials on designing tweaks. Check out the design section of this blog and flush your brain.

Security Tips
Security is the most important thing in today technology. So, here at SpicyTweaks you will find various security tips to keep yourself secure online.

Ethical Hacking Tricks
Well, to keep yourself secure you will need to learn something about hacking and in this blog you will be updated with the latest and spicy ethical hacking tricks.

My mission with this blog is to provide most useful content to my users.