Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Firefox Focus is Now Available on Android

Mozilla has launched it's powerful privacy centric Firefox Fucus web browser for Android. Download it now via Play Store.

There are large number of web browsers available for Android, some put efforts on minimalistic design, a bit of them offers wide variety of add-ons, few of them focuses on saving data, many are there to collect your private information but hardly any of them offers robust privacy.

Firefox Focus is Now Available on Android

Firefox Focus is a web browser by Mozilla which is centered around private browsing. It is a super simple browser, which blocks any content trackers and ads. It has a powerful Stealth mode which blocks its screenshots in Recent Apps.

Firefox Focus is Now Available on Android

Firefox Focus was launched on Apple App Store a year ago, and now it's available for Android with many new features. This browsers doesn't offers as many features as other browsers but it offers a robust privacy protection in it's minimalistic interface. The design is so soothing that you may want to to replace your feature rich browser with Focus even if you're not particularly concerned about ads and trackers!

Firefox Focus is Now Available on Android

Unlike Firefox, it doesn't have tabs, extensions, and account synchronisation. It can only open a tab at a time. To browse: Open Firefox Focus > type a URL and the tracker free page will open!
The latest version of the browser allows to disable ad blocking. So, if some website completely blocks its preview without ads then you can disable content blocking for a moment. You can click the trash icon located at the bottom of the page to delete the history and cookies after you're done with the browsing.

Get Firefox Focus on Play Store

Inside three dot menu, there is also an option  to open the current tab via Firefox or other web browser.

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