Saturday, 27 May 2017

How to Enable Authentication Icon for Verified Senders in GMail

Spammers can spoof a message to make it look like it's sent by a company you might trust. Recently, hackers tried to access Google Accounts of Gmail users through a fake Google Docs file! The scam was very convincing and it attempted to persuade users to open a document, and the users who tried to open the doc was redirected to a legitimate Google Sign-in page to grant permissions to a fraud app.

Authentication Icon for Verified Senders in GMail

Managing emails, if you receive a lot of it in a day can be a very difficult task, and there are times when we may unknowingly follow a spoofed email. Today, I will provide a super short tip for Gmail power users among you who tend to receive hundreds of emails in a day.

To help you protect from hackers, most email providers tries to verify the real sender using email authentication. As an additional security measure, Gmail allows us to enable "Authentication Icon for Verified Senders" through labs. Follow the following simple steps to enable it now:
  • Open GMail.
Authentication Icon for Verified Senders in GMail
  • Go to Settings > Labs.
  • Scroll down and find the "Authentication Icon for Verified Senders" in the list (it's near the top).
Authentication Icon for Verified Senders in GMail
  • Click on the radio button next to "Enable" in order to select it.
  • Hit the Save Changes button (it's located in the top and bottom of the page).
That's all! The tab will reload, and you'll start seeing authentication icon next to the verified senders address. Visit Google Support Page to know more about this feature.

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