Thursday, 16 March 2017

Best New Android Games for Killing Time

Google Play Store has huge number of games, these are my favorite collection of new comers!

Google Play has huge number of games in their store, and new ones are released almost every week. But not all of them are interesting, many times some of the games are the rip-off of the old game, and few are just a store house for ads!

There are many popular console-quality games available for high-end android smart phones, however majority of the people prefer time killers over them. I personally prefer time passing games and these are my favorite games.

Note: Click on the title of the game to download it via Play Store.

The first game in my collection is Blackies! They are tiny furry creatures who loves solving puzzles. In the game, you'll be playing as Blackies, and their aim is to reach the box which contains a flag.

Best New Android Games for Killing Time
Tiny Furry

The game will become very difficult to play as you reach the higher level and with the progress, the blackies will develop many new interesting moves and skills.

Infinity Loop
It's a simple game and the objective is to rotate the pieces skillfully, so that there are no open ends. The puzzles are developed by fans, and the interesting ones are selected by the developer. It has a free version, too.

Best New Android Games for Killing Time

Grab the free version from this link (Play Store).

Mars: Mars
MarsCorp has taken the first group of volunteers to mars. There are many stations on the planet and the astronauts have to explore them, and they can skip few station (if they can!).

Your aim in the game is to jump from one station to another using the thrusters.

Alto's Adventure
It's a old game but you'll love it if you haven't already tried it. It's a endless running game and you can only control when to jump, nevertheless you can perform many tricks mid-air.

Best New Android Games for Killing Time

There are 180 objectives and you'll have to complete three objective in one level. Also, every 10 level, you'll unlock new character. Have you already tried it?

It's an awesomely designed puzzle game.  I love puzzle games and this is one of the best puzzle game I have ever played. Beautiful graphics, simple yet difficult to play.

Your aim in the game is to help a tiny robot to reach the destination. The game requires you to think out the box and challenges your organizational skills.

Some other games you might like:

2-bit Cowboy
It's a great game. A little similar to the classic Super Mario, but more adventurous. You can ride horses, bulls, minecarts. Tip: It's free now.

Best New Android Games for Killing Time

True Skate
It's  a street league skateboarding mobile game. It has only one skate park, however other parks are can be added by in-app purchases.

There are many other addictive games but these are my new favorite? What are your favorite time killing game?

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