Friday, 23 October 2015

Make Cortana Search With Google Instead of Bing in Windows 10

Do you want to make the Cortana in Windows 10 to display web results through Google or other search engines? Here is how...

Windows 10 comes packaged with many new features and programs like Start Menu, Microsoft Edge, Cortana etc. Cortana is Microsoft's personal digital assistant which was first introduced as a part of Windows Phone 8.1. Bing plays an important role in the accuracy of this digital assistant, and it won't exist without Bing.

Make Cortana Use Google

Cortana provides search results through Bing and there isn't anyway to change it to other search engines like Goggle or DuckDuckGo. If you prefer to get the web results for your inputs via Google or any other search engines then you have to use thirds party applications to redirect the Bing URL to your favorite site. If you want to know this tweak, here is how...

Note: You can't redirect from Bing to Google in Microsoft Edge as neither it has any built-in way to do so nor it supports any extensions.
  • First of all, change the default web browser to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you don't have one then you can get it here (Chrome) and here (Firefox).
  • To change default web browser, press Window key + I [to open settings], click on the System setting and then select Default apps. Now scroll down to the Web browser section and change it to Firefox or Chrome.
Make Cortana Search Google Instead of Bing in Windows 10
  • It'll now make Cortana to search the web through your chosen default browser.
We can now use any web browser extension to redirect Bing to other search engines. This feature is built-in on the latest version of Firefox. You'll just need to enable the option to use the default search engines for searches from Windows. Read the following simple steps to know how to do this.
  • Open Firefox.
  • Click on the Menu and then select Options. It'll open the Preferences page.
Make Cortana Search Google Instead of Bing in Windows 10
  • Next, click on the Search tab. Now choose Google or any other search engines from the drop-down menu from the Default Search Engine section.
Make Cortana Search Google Instead of Bing in Windows 10

Tip: Type "about:preferences#search" in the address bar to go the Search settings page easily.
  • Check the option that says "Use this search engine for searches from Windows" to redirect all the web queries [from Cortana] to your default search engine.
If you're using the older version of Firefox then try Bing-Google add-on.

Google Chrome don't have any option built into it to redirect search queries to your desired search engine. But there are many extensions available to accomplish this.
  • Bing2Google is the simplest extension for Chrome to redirect every search queries from Bing to Google. Go to this link and install the extension on your Chrome.
  • If you use DuckDuckGo or Yahoo as the default search engine then try Chrometana. Go to this link and install the extension. You'll have to change the search engine via Chrometana options.
Make Cortana Search Google Instead of Bing in Windows 10
  • That's all!
Note: Cortana still makes searches from Bing, but the extensions change the URL to the search engine of your choice whenever Cortana tries to show the web results through any of these web browsers.

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