Friday, 2 October 2015

Force YouTube to Play Videos in H.264

Want to stream your favorite YouTube video in H.264 video coding format? Try this tweak.

If you have a low cost PC or laptop then it will be difficult for you to run various task at the same time, and system may use lots of resources. It isn't only the apps that will slow down your PC, there are many websites which show video and flash advertisements, which also uses too much CPU, Memory, and drains battery.

Force YouTube to Play Videos in H.264
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YouTube, one of the most popular video sharing site, streams videos in VP8/VP9 codecs by default. Unfortunately, it isn't the best option if you're looking for hardware accelerated videos codec.

H.264 or MPEG Part 10 is a most popular video coding format optimized for smooth playback on the less powerful system. Google it, if you want more information about this format.

You can use Adblock to get rid of irritating advertisements. For YouTube, h264ify claims to stream the videos in H.264 format, which reduces CPU usage. Follow the following steps to download and install this extension on your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Head over to Chrome Web Store and download h264ify extension on your Chrome browser.
  • If you're a Firefox fan then go to this link and install the same extension on your Firefox.
  • That's all! It'll start working instantly.
If you stream YouTube videos on incognito mode then follow three simple steps given below to enable it to work in incognito mode.
  • Type chrome://extensions in the address bar and hit enter. It'll open Chrome Extension Manager.
Force YouTube to Play Videos in H.264
  • Now look for h264ify extension in the page and check the "allow in incognito" check box.
Force YouTube to Play Videos in H.264
  • Open YouTube and start playing your favorite videos.
That's all! I am sure you'll like this tutorial. Keep visiting for more tweaks.

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