Monday, 19 October 2015

Combine Address & Search Bar in Mozilla Firefox

Would you like to combine the search bar and address bar in your Firefox web browser into one? You can. Follow these steps...

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most customizable web browser. Unlike Chrome and Opera, you can change almost everything in the browser. In one of my previous post I showed you an interesting tweak to make Firefox look like the all new Microsoft Edge web browser.

Combine Address & Search Bar in Mozilla Firefox

If you use Firefox as a default app to browse the web then you might have noticed that the search bar and address bar are separate in Firefox and you can't search from the address bar in most cases. Actually, Firefox's address bar also supports search functionality but you won't get any search suggestions, and you can't search a website URL using location bar. There are millions of people who use this web browser, some people prefers to use separate address and search bar while some people like 'em combined.

Omnibar is a small extension which merges search bar and URL address bar into one. It also shows suggestions for search keywords and URL as you type, and you can customize the number of suggestions too.

  • If you like this extension then go to this link with your Firefox browser and install the extension.
  • You may need to restart Firefox after installation.
This extension also allows you to search a keyword using two or more search engines at the same time. For example if you want to search "" on Google Bing and Yahoo at the same then type @google, yahoo, bing in the address bar and hit enter.

Combine Address & Search Bar in Mozilla Firefox

Foobar is another great extension which does  the same task. Like Omnibar, this add-on also have three different skins for the suggestions box. Both of these extensions accomplish the task quite brilliantly. Try both and see which one sails your boat.

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