Wednesday, 7 October 2015

How to Automatically Save Screenshots to OneDrive

OneDrive have a feature which can save and sync the screenshots (captured using appropriate keyboard shortcuts) to the cloud.

There is a new feature in OneDrive which allows you to automatically save screenshots to your local OneDrive folder. This was discovered a few weeks ago, but it wasn't really working at that time. But now it appears that the service is up and working. Enabling this setting will allow the app to automatically save the screenshot to a special folder in the local drive. It's free service and you'll get couple of storage space for free, which you can extend with further subscription [according to your requirement].

Pressing the appropriate keyboard shortcuts for screen capture will trigger OneDrive to save the captured screen to your cloud storage. You can capture the screenshot of full screen by pressing Print Screen button, or press Alt + Print Screen button at the same time to take the screenshot of the current window only.

All the pictures will be saved in Users > OneDrive > Pictures > Screenshots folder. You can share these photos to anyone, right click on the image and select "share a OneDrive link". Please note that anyone with the link will be able to view and download the file.

How to Automatically Save Screenshot to OneDrive

Sign in to your OneDrive account now and follow the following steps to enable this option.
  • Navigate to OneDrive icon in the system tray, then right click on it and select Settings.
How to Automatically Save Screenshot to OneDrive
  • Click on the "Auto save" tab and check the "Automatically save screenshots I capture to OneDrive" option to enable it.
How to Automatically Save Screenshot to OneDrive
  • Now you'll receive a notification every time after you capture the screenshot.
How to Automatically Save Screenshot to OneDrive
  • That's it!
If you find this option annoying, then you can disable this option. It doesn't capture current window properly, so I have disabled it.

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