Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Full List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

New to Windows 10? Check out these useful Keyboard Shortcuts list to refresh your experience with Windows 10 OS.

Shortcuts make our task easier. Why would you go through long route if you can get the work done in few clicks? In one of my previous post I have shared few Keyboard Shortcuts for earlier versions of Windows (also works in Windows 10). With the new version of Operating System, Microsoft has brought many new shortcuts for desktop users.

Full List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

You can easily create virtual desktops, record your monitor, share screenshots etc. Take a look below...

These are the General shortcut keys for Windows 10. You can easily open Settings app, share the current screen, open File Explorer etc. Check out!

Keys to use
Win + I To open the Settings window
Win + E To open the File Explorer
Win + H To open the Share charm
Win + T To cycle through the apps in Task Bar
CTRL + SHIFT + ESC To open the Task Manager
Win + K To open the Connect quick action
Win + Left To Snap the current window to the left side of the screen
Win + Right To Snap the current window to the right side of the screen

Task View/ Virtual Desktops
It's a new feature in this new OS. Generally, you have to click on the Task View button on the Task Manager to manage your virtual desktops. With these keyboard shortcuts, you can create a new desktop in a single click!

Keys to use
Win + CTRL + D To add a new virtual desktop
Win + CTRL + Right To switch the virtual desktop available on the right
Win + CTRL + Left To switch the virtual desktop available on the left
Win + TAB To open the Task View
Win + CTRL + F4 To close the current virtual destop

Game Bar
It's one of the most interesting feature in Windows 10. Game DVR in Windows 10 allows you to record or take screenshots of your gaming moments. Check out the following useful shortcuts for Game Bar.

Keys to use
Win + G To open the Game Bar
Win + ALT + G To record the last 30 seconds
Win + ALT + R To start/stop the recording
Win + ALT + Print Screen To take a screenshot (for Games)
Win + ALT + T To show or hide the recording timer

Action Center
Microsoft have improved the Action center for Windows 10. You can disable the Action Center, if you want.

Keys to use
Win + A To open the Action Center
Win + V To cycle through the available Notifications
Win + SHIFT + V To cycle through the available notifications in reverse order
Win + B To set the focus in the Notification area


Keys to use
Win + S To open the Search box/Cortana
Win + C To open the Cortana in listening mode

Microsoft Edge
The new default web browser for Windows 10. It's simple and works faster compared to Google Chrome and other browsers. Read: Get the Most Out of Microsoft Edge in Windows 10. Open Edge and try these Shortcuts now!

Keys to use
CTRL + I To open the Favorites Panel
CTRL + G To open the Reading Lists
CTRL + H To open the History Panel
CTRL + J To open the Downloads Panel
CTRL + T To open a new tab
CTRL + N To open a new window
CTRL + SHIFT + P To open a new Private browsing window
CTRL + K To create a duplicate tab of the current window
F key To turn on Caret browsing for the current window
CTRL + SHIFT + R To enter the Reading view
ALT + C To open Cortana voice assistant

That's all! Microsoft is adding more features to the Insider builds of Windows 10, bringing more keyboard shortcuts.

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