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Select & Move Multiple Tabs at Once in Chrome

Do you ever wanted to select and move multiple tabs at once in your Google Chrome browser? There are times when we often open many-many tabs in browser and it become cluttered. It is also difficult to manage tabs. Without an option of selecting multiple tabs, you have to move and merge each tab one by one.

Select & Move Multiple Tabs at Once in Chrome

Drag and drop a tab in Chrome and it'll turn into a new Window. It's one of my favorite feature on Chrome. Try this. You'll probably like it.

You can enjoy this feature by following the steps explained below. Follow step by step.
  1. Hold CTRL key. 
  2. Select each tab you want to move.
  3. Release CTRL key when you finish selecting the tab you want to move.
  4. Drag the selected tabs outside of the current window and a new Window containing all the selected tabs will be created.
You can also close multiple tabs at once. Want to select and close multiple tabs in Chrome? Follow the following steps.
  • Hold CTRL key.
  • Select the tabs you want to close.
  • Release CTRL key once you finish selecting the tabs you want to close.
  • Press CTRL + W or Right Click on any of the selected tabs and click close.
Close Multiple Tabs at Once in Chrome
  • Done.
Tip: You can also press SHIFT key instead of CTRL key. Want to close all the tabs to the right of the current tab? Just Right click on the tab and click on close tabs to the right.

You can merge the selected tabs to a new window or create a new window, group them and so on. That's all!

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