Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Remove Extra Folders from Windows 10 Explorer (This PC)

Want to hide/remove extra fo0lders from Windows 10 Explorer "This PC"? I have a tweak for you. Follow these steps...

If you have upgraded your PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10 then you might have  noticed extra 6 folders in File Explorer (aka "This PC" or "My Computer"). These extra folders were first introduced in Windows 8.1 to enhance user experience. Microsoft also renamed My Computer to This PC.

Remove Extra Folders from Windows 10 Explorer

Many users don't like these extra folders and find it really annoying & useless. If you're also the one and want to simpler This PC then follow this simple tutorial to disable it. Those extra folders are Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures and Videos. There are many tricks to remove these folders from Windows 8.1 but those tricks doesn't works in Windows 10 now.

Without touching Registry
If you don't want to edit your registry or you don't have access to administrator account then you can hide all those folders by collapsing it. Just click on the arrow at the Folders Title in This PC (Windows Explorer).

Removing those Extra Folders with Registry
The above method don't remove any folders from Explorer, that only collapse folders inside Folders Title. If you want to completely remove/hide those annoying folders from This PC then follow this Registry Tweak.
If you want to manually remove these extra 6 folders from Windows 10 Explorer then follow the following steps. Looking for easy method? Follow Ready-made script method explained in the bottom of the post.
  • Press Window + R key to open RUN and regedit in the RUN dialog box and press enter to open Registry Editor.
Remove Extra Folders from Windows 10 Explorer
  • Now go to each keys given below one by one-
To Remove Pictures Folder, go to:




To Remove Videos Folder, go to:




To Remove Downloads folder, go to:




To Remove Music folder, go to:




To Remove Documents folder, go to:




To Remove Desktop folder, go to:



  • and modify the value of each ThisPCPolicy string to Hide. To change the value data, right click on ThisPCPolicy and select Modify.
Remove Extra Folders from Windows 10 Explorer

Please note that all of the keys mentioned above contain "ThisPCPolicy" string except the key for Desktop. In that case, you'll have to manually create a new "ThisPCPolicy" string and change its value to Hide.

To create a new string, Right click anywhere and create a new string. If you don't have any idea and you don't know what to do next then follow the automated method explained below.

Ready-made Script
If you're a Computer newbie and don't want to edit your registry yourself then you can download the following Registry file to complete the with single click.
  • First, download the ready-made registry file from here.
  • Open the ZIP file and run the appropriate .reg script. Agree to the warning given by Registry Editor.
  • If you want to remove individual folders from "This PC" then check the registry script inside "Individual Folders" folder. If you want to remove all the folders then run Remove 6 Extra Folders from Windows 10 This PC.reg file instead.
  • To restore the changes you have made run Restore 6 Extra Folders from Windows 10 This PC.reg file. If you have hidden individual folders then check appropriate script inside "Individual Folders" folder.
  • That's it! Now restart Explorer and you won't see those extra folders.
Remove Extra Folders from Windows 10 Explorer

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