Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Users

Check out these keyboard shortcuts for Windows PC and save your time when you do these tasks next time.

Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system in the world. If you also use a Windows PC then these keyboard shortcuts will surely save your time. There are many programs in Windows which you might need to use if your work relies on Windows. For example: To open RUN dialog box, you can save time navigating to the RUN app by pressing Win + R key. You can press Win + F key combination to open the search box etc. Check out the list of some useful shortcuts.

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Users

Keys to use
CTRL+C To Copy
CTRL+V To Paste
CTRL+Z To Undo the last Move/Copy/Paste
Delete To Delete an item
Shift + Delete To delete item bypassing Recycle Bin
F2 To rename the selected item/folder
CTRL+A To select all the items
F3 Use this key to search for a file or folder
Alt + Enter To see the Properties of selected item
Alt+F4 To close the active program
Alt + Tab To switch between all the open items
Alt + ESC To cycle through the open items
CTRL + ESC To open the start menu
Win Key To open or close the start menu
F5 To refresh/reload the active window
CTRL + Tab To move forward through the tabs
CTRL + Shift + Tab To move backward through the tabs
F1 To open help of active program
Win + D To display the desktop
Win + M To minimize all the open windows
Win + Shift + M To restore the minimized windows
Win + E To open Windows Explorer/Computer
Win + F To search for a file or folder
Win + F1 To open Windows help
Shift Press Shift key five times to turn on/off sticky keys
END To see the end/bottom of the active window
HOME To see the top of the active window
CTRL + ALT + 4 To insert ₹ symbol (System must be updated)
Win + R To open the RUN dialog box
F11 key To toggle full screen view on or off
PrintScr To take the screenshot
ALT + PrintScr To take screenshot of particular Windows
Windows + PrintScr Screenshot of the full Window will be saved in Pictures Library folder

Have you ever seen posts or messages with smiley symbols? You'll always come across the following symbols.
Important: Make sure you have turned Number Lock ON, otherwise it'll not.

Keys to use
ALT + 1 To insert ☺ symbols
ALT + 2 To insert ☻ symbol
ALT + 3 To insert ♥ symbol
ALT + 4 To insert ♦ symbol
ALT + 5 To insert ♣ symbol
ALT + 6 To insert ♠ symbol

Do you know? You can access new advanced boot options in Windows 8 or later easily, open command menu on any folder with just a click, and many other options (see below).

Keys to use
Shift + Restart To access the advanced boot menu
Shift + Right click Right click pressing the Shift key and select 'open command window here'
Shift + Right click To get more options in 'send to' menu
CTRL + Shift + N To create a new folder

That's All! I hope you'll like it. Share these Windows Keyboard shortcuts to your friends or tell us about some other useful shortcuts I  have missed.

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