Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Ultimate List of Facebook Shortcut Keys

Check out this ultimate collection of Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts and navigate Facebook easily and save your time.

Facebook is the most popular social networking site and most of the Internet users are actively using this site to connect with their friends and family. Few days earlier, when I publish an article containing the list of some useful Windows keyboard shortcuts, I came to know shortcodes used on various sites. Almost all popular social networking sites uses shortcodes. Today, I will share you the list of Facebook shortcuts to navigate the site using your keyboard.

Ultimate List of Facebook Shortcut Keys

Keyboard shortcuts makes our task easier and we can do everything quickly. We can use the shortcuts instead of going through complicated process and navigation.

Shortcuts Keys
ALT + 0 To open the Facebook Help Center
ALT + 1 To open the Facebook Newsfeed
ALT + 2 To open your Timeline
ALT + 3 To your Friend request page
ALT + 4 To open your Inbox
ALT + 5 To check your Notifications
ALT + 6 To open the Settings
ALT + 7 To check your Activity Log
ALT + 8 To open official Facebook page
ALT + 9 To check Facebook Policies
ALT + M To compose a new Message

Some or all of the shortcuts might not be working for you if you're using Firefox or any other browser. If you're trying these on your Firefox then Press SHIFT + ALT in place of ALT key. For example - Press SHIFT + ALT + 2 to open your Facebook Timeline. Press CTRL + Opt instead of ALT on Mac.

Check the following shortcuts to navigate your News feed easily. You may need to confirm using the shortcuts if you're trying this for the first time, It will be smooth later. You'll need to select the post for few items.

Keys to use
J To scroll down or check next post
K To scroll up or check previous post
P To post a new status
L To like the selected post (post must be selected)
O To open the selected attachment like image and, link etc.
C To Comment on selected post
S To Share the selected post
/ (forward slash) To start a search
? (SHIFT + /) To check for shortcuts within Facebook

That's all! I hope all these Facebook keyboard shortcuts are helpful to you. Don't forget to share these tweaks with your Friends.

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