Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Enable Mute UI Control in Chrome and Handle Noisy Tabs

Irritated with the tabs which starts playing an audio without your consent? You can mute the audio with one easy click.

If you stream lots of video in your Chrome then you might be aware of the audio icon which is displayed on the tab while playing an audio or video. You can handle the audio easily if you played it yourself, but it become difficult to stop the video if a tab starts to play a noisy sound without your consent. Sometimes, the audio ads are attached in the page which starts to play automatically when you visit that page and the most irritating part is that the ads are hidden somewhere you can't find easily.

Enable Mute Button in Chrome and Handle Noisy Tabs

It is an experimental feature which can be enabled through flags page of Google Chrome. I had already shared various experimental features like offline browsing, profile manager etc. In this post I will share you an experimental feature which will tweak the icon that indicates the tab is playing an audio. After enabling this feature, you can click that icon to mute the audio instantly.
  • Open Google Chrome (if you're using different browser).
  • Type chrome://flags/#enable-tab-audio-muting in the address bar and hit enter.
  • Chrome will automatically highlight Enable tab audio muting UI control flag. Click Enable button given below it.
Enable Mute Button in Chrome and Handle Noisy Tabs
  • Now you'll need to restart the Chrome to see the changes. Click on Relaunch now button.
Enable Mute Button in Chrome and Handle Noisy Tabs
  • That's it!
Now you can mute the annoying audio with one click. You can mute the audio even you're on different tab [by clicking the audio icon]. You should know that this is an experimental feature and therefore enable it at your own risk. I have enabled this flag on my Chrome browser and works well.

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