Thursday, 26 February 2015

Pocket Allows to Saves Web Pages to Read it Later

Pocket lets you save articles and web pages for reading it later. You can save embedded videos and view it inline in article. Read more...

Pocket which used to be called Read it Later is a service for saving web pages and articles. You might go through various articles through out the day. It is not possible to remember everything you go through, read it later service become handy at that time. It allows you to save and organize pages reading it later.

Pocket Saves Web Pages to Read Later

Many times, old pages are removed or access to it is denied. You can save interesting articles in Pocket so that you will not find it difficult for finding it later. There are many other services which does the same things (like Instapaper) but Pocket is much better than those. It also allows you to save embedded video in any articles.

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It is available for almost all the platforms and the good part is that it will sync all the saved contents to all your devices. You can install official Pocket app on iOS, Android, Firefox and Chrome. I mostly browse web pages on my PC and whenever I find a useful article which is worth reading but I don't have time to go through the full article I save it to Pocket. It will than sync the stuff to all my devices. It offers mobilized version in phone which is useful as most users don't have high speed Internet connection to load heavy CSS and JavaScripts. But you might not like the "mobilized version" on your PC. And their isn't any option which allows to open original links directly. Let's get started with Pocket.

Things you'll need to get started-
  1. Android or iOS app - It isn't necessary but if you want to read saved pages later via your smartphone than install its official app fromPlay Store or Apple app store.
  2. Browser Extensions - It will help you to save any articles with single click of a button. The extension is available for Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
After installing one or more Pocket app, you'll be asked to sign in to get started. Follow the following steps.
  • Go to this link and sign up for new account (if you don't have one).
  • Install Chrome, FirefoxSafari or Opera extension. Click on the web-browser name to get extension for that particular browser. Installing the browser extension will add a button that will let you save pages to Pocket.
  • Find an interesting web page. Click on the Pocket button to save that page.
Pocket is not able to handle large web pages properly. If you saved a very large page with lots of image on it than click on the View "Original link" in the mobilized article page.

Pocket Allows to Saves Web Pages to Read it Later
Click on "View Original" to view original web page
Pocket offers various features which you'll not find on other save it for later service. Check out features listed below.
  1. Share article to friends via email.
  2. Save embedded videos on web pages so that you can watch them inline.
  3. Change font size and font family for better readability.
  4. Tag article to organize it in better way. Tagging article will make it easier to browse articles.
That's all! If you're looking for a read it later service than give it a try. It supports almost all the devices and web-browsers.

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