Tuesday, 17 February 2015

How to Install Chrome Extensions in Opera (and Vice Versa)

Want to install Google Chrome Extensions on Opera browser and vice versa? Both web browsers uses same web rendering engine. Read this trick to know simple process.

Extensions are the most important part of any web browser. Without an add-on or extension, it can't succeed. It adds tons of functionality to a web browser and improves its performance and usability. But the worst part is the choice of your browser. You can't install extensions designed for Internet Explorer on Firefox or any other browser.

Do you know? Opera web-browser uses the same web rendering engine as Google Chrome. It means you can install plethora of Chrome extensions on Opera and vice versa. Chrome users can find it little difficult to install Opera extension on Chrome. It is quite easy for Opera users. Follow these easy steps.
  • Find the one which you think worth installing.
Note: You can only install the extensions. It will not work for web apps.
  • Click on red Add to Opera button.
How to Install Chrome Extensions in Opera
  • Opera will warn you that the extension was disabled because it was not from Opera Store.
  • Click on the Go button to open the Extension Manager.
  • Opera will highlight the new extension. Click on the Install button. See image below.
How to Install Chrome Extensions in Opera
  • That's it! Enjoy installing plethora of extension available for Opera and Chrome.
It was quite easy for Opera users to install Chrome extensions on their web-browsers. No? Can we install Opera extensions on Chrome? Yes! We can do it by editing file name. Follow these simple steps.
  • Open Google Chrome and go to Opera extensions page.
  • Click on Add to Opera.
  • It will tell you Opera browser is required. Click on get it anyway.
How to Install Opera Extensions in Google Chrome
  • Open the folder where the file was downloaded and rename the file from nex to end with crx. See image below to understand.
How to Install Opera Extensions in Google Chrome
  • Open Chrome extension manager. You can type chrome://extensions on the address bar to open extension manager.
  • Drag and drop the file you renamed to the Chrome Extension manager page.
How to Install Opera Extensions in Google Chrome
  • Review the permission and click on Add button.
  • Finished.
That's all! The process is quite simple and I am sure you will be able to install any Chrome Extension (not web app) on Opera and vice versa.

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