Thursday, 29 January 2015

Resize Multiple Images at Once in Windows

Yes, you can batch resize multiple images on one click. Try these and resize and customize multiple photos at once.

If you want to resize a image than you'll first open Paint or Photoshop and than add edit or change the resolution of the image. If you want to resize many images at the same time than you'll have to manually edit each and every image which will consume too much time.

Say, you would like to resize thousands of photos to fit your desktop. Are you going to go through each and every image? No! Not at all. Today, I will share you two good programs which can do your task very easily.

Image Resizer for Windows
It is an easy to use application and allows us to resize one or image at the same time through Windows Context Menu. Unlike other software in this category, you'll not need to go through various steps like opening the application, adding the image and resizing it. It will just add a new option in the context menu. See the instructions explained below to make your task a little easier.
  • To continue, download the software (only 900 KB) from here and install it on your PC.
  • After installation, it will add a Resize Pictures option in the context menu.
  • To resize an image, right click on it and select Resize Pictures from the menu that appears.
Resize Multiple Images at Once in Windows
  • Next. In the image  resizer dialog box, select your desired resolution and click on Resize button.
Resize Multiple Images at Once in Windows

Tip: You can also select custom Image Resolution. Tick on the custom option and choose your desired size.
  • To resize multiple images at once...
  • Press CTRL key while selecting each file or highlight all the photos of the folder.
  • After highlighting (selecting) your photos for batch resize, right click on a selected photo and choose Resize Pictures option from the Right Click Menu.
  • Choose your size and click Resize button.
Tip: Select Replace the Originals option to replace original photo with the photo of your preferred size. If you have created many prints of the same photo than read How to Remove Duplicate Files from Windows.
  • Finished!
If you're you looking for little for customization option while resize than try ReMage Image Resizer. It is a portable application which means you'll not need to install it on your PC. It also have the option to make all the image of the same resolution or make all the image of same height or width. This program uses very little amount of system resources. If you're going to try this than read the instructions below.
  • To proceed you'll need ReMage which you can get it from here.
  • Since it is portable you'll not need to install it. Just open the app after downloading.
  • Browse the folder where your images are saved.
  • Now select the photos you want to resize. To select multiple photos, click CTRL while selecting your photo.
Resize Multiple Images at Once in Windows

Tip: If you want to resize all the image in that folder, click select all button. Also, you can invert your selection.
To invert the selections, select the photos which you don't want to resize and than click on Invert Selection button.
  • Choose your image size from the I want to option.
  • Click Resize Selected. That's it.
That's all for day. All the images will be saved to the source folder. If you used ReMage than all the images will be saved in the output folder of the source.

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