Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Create Application Shortcuts in Google Chrome

You can open any website as an standalone app using Google Chrome. Follow the tutorial to know creating app shortcut.

You can run any website as an standalone application with Google Chrome web browser. Chrome is also an app platform and it can run web and offline app in their own window just like any native app available in your Windows computer.

Open Website as an App in Chrome

Since Chrome can run a website as app than their must be a way to create a shortcut for our favorite blogs. It is very simple to create a application shortcuts. Lets start the tutorial with first explaining the difficult process for achieving this task.
  • Create a new shortcut of Chrome on your desktop. We'll edit this new shortcut to convert it to our app.
Tip: You can just copy and paste the Chrome shortcut available on desktop again. Don't worry about the duplicate files.
  • Right click on the new Chrome shortcut and select Properties.
Open Website as an App in Google Chrome
  • Now look for Target field in the shortcut tab. Add --app= at the end of" after adding a space. See the image below.
Open Website as an App in Google Chrome
See screenshot above while I was creating SpicyTweaks app shortcut
  • Replace my website address with your favorite blog or website URL.
  • Click on Apply button and than OK to close the window. Now you can double click on this shortcut to open that website as an application.
Does the above process look little difficult to understand? Don't worry than. Their is an easier way to create that app without that much headache. Follow the following steps.
  1. Open Google Chrome and browse the website which you want to use as an app.
  2. Now click on Chrome hamburger menu (in the right end of address bar).
  3. Click on More Tools and than select Create application shortcut.
  4. Click on Create button. Select on Desktop to create a shortcut on desktop. You can also pin this to Taskbar.
  5. Done.
Its only a shortcut to the website which will load on independent window and you'll surely need Internet connection to browse the site. You will see the website favicon as an icon on Windows Taskbar.

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