Friday, 9 January 2015

How to Add Pattern Lock on Windows PC

Add android pattern lock on your Windows PC and secure your PC from unwanted users.

If you use a Smartphone than you should be familiar with the patter lock system. Most touchscreen devices gives this function for security. It is easy to remember and the screen can be unlocked within seconds. In a pattern lock, you generally create a pattern by swiping your finger on given dots. This is very popular on Android Phones. But what about PC?

In this post I will make you familiar with an application which will allow you to use pattern lock on your Windows PC. It will also be useful for Windows Touch devices and surface users. Don't worry if you don't have touchscreen PC or laptop as you can draw pattern with your mouse.
We'll use Eusing Maze Lock to get this functionality. It is a very simple, small and easy to use program. With this app, you can create pattern lock and use this as secondary security feature. You can also create a backup of your pattern which will be helpful if you ever forgot the pattern. It also have an auto lock option which will be very useful if you lost your laptop somewhere or if you aren't near your laptop or PC for few moments and you forgot to lock. See the screenshot of logon screen of my PC.

How to Add Pattern Lock on Windows PC
  • To get this work, download Maze Lock from here and install it on your PC.
  • Now, you can find the Maze Lock icon on the system tray. You'll need to configure the settings.
  • Right click on the Maze Lock icon on the system tray and click configure.
Important: Reset the default pattern. You can reset it by follow the below given ways.
  • In the Reset Pattern tab, click on the "Reset Pattern" button. See the image given below.
How to Add Pattern Lock on Windows PC
  • After resetting pattern, you'll be prompted for making a backup of your pattern. Create a backup by clicking Yes in the dialog box that appears.
How to Add Pattern Lock on Windows PC
  • Now you can lock your screen by left clicking on the Maze Lock icon from the system tray or simply press Win + A to lock it easily.
  • That's it!
If you wish to customize the lock screen like changing the background wallpaper, auto lock duration, keyboard lock etc. than follow the following steps.
  • Right click on Maze Lock icon from the system tray and click Configure.
  • Move to general tab. In this tab you can customize settings like auto lock at Windows start-up, disconnect Internet on lock, alert on incorrect pattern. See the screenshot given below to see the full list of functions or install it on your PC from the above given link.
How to Add Pattern Lock on Windows PC
  • To change the background image, move to Background tab and click on change image button and choose a PNG, JPG or BMP image.
Tip: Read some tweaks to Change Windows Logon Screen Wallpaper.
  • Click OK. All done.
Forgot your Pattern? If you ever fall into this situation and you don't have access to the backup pattern than boot your Windows on Safe Mode and uninstall this application and re-install while you're on normal mode.

That's All! I hope you find this tutorial useful. Lock your PC with your unique pattern whenever you're away from your PC/laptop for few moments.

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