Friday, 9 January 2015

5 Best Chrome New Tab Page Extension

Enhance your Google Chrome New Tab page with these powerful extension and use the new tab page of your Chrome in best possible way.

By default, Google Chrome includes your search engine on new tab page along-with the list of some most visited websites. It looks simple and you can't do much to customize it. If you're bored with the default new tab page than you should try some of the awesome new tab page extensions on your Google Chrome to make the best use of your best browser.

Every time you open the browser, you're presented with the new tab page. You can use any the extensions given below and make it much more useful. With these extensions on Chrome, you can create to-dos, customize background images, fresh-up yourself and much more with simple and minimal interface with distracting yourself. Try these... I know you'll like it.

It is one of the most popular extension of Chrome Web Store. It should be with its simple and minimalist look. You'll get a new beautiful image updated everyday on your new tab page. Not only the image but you will become familiar with some inspirational quotes. Take a look at the screenshot which I have captured while writing this post.

5 Best Chrome New Tab Page Extension

You can also create to-do lists, create your main focus of the day, check weather etc. If you don't like some options than it also let you to hide that particular option. Download this extension from Web Store via this link.

You may also like to install Metro Tab Extension on Chrome and see live tiles just like Windows 8 PC.

It is very simple but an extension that you'll love Chrome each time you open new tab. It doesn't have so many features. It will show you date and time on the middle and a high quality photograph as background which is updated every time when you reload the page.

5 Best Chrome New Tab Page Extension

It contains more than 40 quality photograph to fresh up our mind. Since it is very simple, it'll not use too much of your machine resources and thus it'll not slow down your browsing experience. If you like design and photography than go for Embark. You can install it from here.

Just like Embark, it is also simple but it doesn't show any image on the background but you can customize the color. Apart from the color, you can check the current weather condition of your city.

5 Best Chrome New Tab Page Extension

It is designed to be simple and it does it very well. Try Currently via this link.

Quick Start
It is another extension you'll love using and sticking to new tab page. It is packed with several features such as speed dial, cloud backup. You can customize the number of speed dials on each row and add 3-D style (if you wish) with one click. See the screenshot below

5 Best Chrome New Tab Page Extension

You can customize it easily. It also includes a Google Search option in the top of the page. Get it from here.

Card Board
Do you like the Google Now layout? If yes, try these extension and I am sure you're going to love it. It completely transforms your new tab page with Google Now style.  Some cards will need your permission for the first time and everything will work smooth after giving access.

5 Best Chrome New Tab Page Extension

It contains a Google search box at the top and various little shortcuts to clear your cache, cookies, history or local storage. Apart from these, you can add cards like apps, top sites, recent bookmarks etc and if you don't a card than their is an option to hide it. Try and install this extension from this link.

There are many, many Chrome extensions available on Webs Store to enhance your new tab page and user experience. These were the list of some extensions that is worth trying and you'll like to stick to each of them for few time.

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  1. Have you considered adding Tab for a Cause? It is a fully customizable page with widgets like some of the extensions listed above but it also raises money for a charity of your choosing every time you open a new tab page. Pretty cool.