Friday, 28 November 2014

Search Google & Internet without Losing Privacy

Search Google and browse Internet without losing your Privacy. Protect your personal data being exploited from companies.

Everyone is feared about losing Privacy and no one would like to share the private and personal with someone else who they don't know in real life. You should have private things which you only want to share with the one you care. But, many companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc. track users activity and stores on their servers. None of you would like your private details to be stored on other companies database.

Search Google without Losing Privacy

In this post, I will provide you various ways to keep yourself and your private information secure. Google is very criticized for keeping users private information that can violate people's privacy. Not only Google, but all the major search engines like Bing, Yahoo collects information to provide you better query results. many people don't want their personal details to be used and exploited by other companies.

You might be interested in reading tweaks to keep your Facebook account secure.

After the PRISM news spread out, many people are feared about their privacy data who uses services like Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft. But you can avoid your privacy being tracked and used by other companies. After this news, alternative search engines like DuckDuckGo and Startpage received huge traffic. Both are a search engine company like Google which is aware towards people's Privacy and don't track any private details of their users.

DuckDuckGo is highly appreciated to understand the Privacy and they have promised to never track and use users Private Data. It receives more than 4 million queries daily but it is nothing compared to search engines like Google and Bing which billions of visitors daily. But, it is clear from the increase in numbers of visitors to DuckDuckGo and Startpage that users are concerned about their Privacy.

Startpage offers search results from Google without tracking your identifying information. None of your information is shared to Google and used by Startpage.

Also, Google claims that none of the information is shared to Government which is against the law and they are not participating in any surveillance programs like PRISM. The information are being used to provide you better and accurate results which you'll be looking for in Google. But, people's are still feared from their data being exploited by these companies.

You can use Proxy to browse Internet anonymously without fearing of your Privacy being exploited. Alternatively, you can use Tor browser to keep yourself anonymous over the Internet. TOR is the option for the people who is looking for a tool to browse Internet anonymously.

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