Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Save Online Images & Document to Dropbox or other Cloud with Ballloon

Want to save files you found on web to Cloud (like Dropbox). Just forget downloading and uploading to your Cloud sharing, Ballloon can do it in a single click.

Ever wanted to share Online images or documents to clouds such as Dropbox or Google Drive? Ballloon is an extension for Chrome which can share any online documents and link to cloud with one click.

Save Online Image and Documents to Dropbox or other Clouds with Balllon

Cloud file haring sites make it easier to edit and sync documents across all your Computers. When you download cool things on web than you'll have to download the file first before uploading it to your favorite cloud sharing site, which will take little time to synchronize your cool things. With Ballloon, you can fly (save) online images and other documents easily without wasting time on download & upload manually.
You will also like to know how to create Chrome theme yourself without any knowledge of program with a Chrome extension.
Want to download this Chrome Extension? You can get it from the link given below. Clicking the link will take you to Chrome Web Store from where you can download and install this extension on your browser. It is very easy to use, but if get lost than here are some steps to get started.
  • First, download and install the extension on your Chrome Browser from this link.
  • After installing it, click on the Ballloon button on the right side of URL bar. Don't worry about sign in as you're only granting permission for creating files.
Note: When you will fly (save) file for the first time than you'll need to grant permission for that Cloud. For example- If you choose Dropbox to save your file than you'll need to grant permission to Ballloon to allow creating file on Dropbox.
  • Visit any webpage and hover your mouse on any image, you'll see clouds icon on the top right corner of the image. Just choose any Cloud and the image will be saved with one click.
  • Yes, its easy.
Just like you flied the image to cloud, you can save links, documents with that ease. Right click on a link and save link to Cloud from the context menu.

Save Online Image and Documents to Dropbox or other Clouds with Balllon

Also, you can customize the the destination folder. It will be useful to manage your files on the web. By default, the files will be saved in Ballloon folder. Forgot the files which you shared from the web? View Ballloon Departures Page to see the list of all the files shared.

Save Online Image and Documents to Dropbox or other Clouds with Balllon

There are many other extension available on Chrome web store to save file to cloud such as Download to Dropbox, Save to Google Drive etc. Try Ballloon, you'll like it.

That's All! Keep visiting for more Chrome tweaks and tricks.

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