Wednesday, 5 November 2014

How to Record PC Screen with VLC Media Player

Want to record your PC screen? You can use VLC Media Player to record your screen and game play moments. Read the post to know this trick.

VLC is the best media player and supports large number of media. You can drop almost all the songs and videos and VLC Media Player will play it easily. If you visit this site regularly than you should have gone through various tricks like Downloading Subtitles Automatically in VLC.

How to Record PC Screen with VLC

Do you need to record your PC screen? If you're a game fan and you would like to share your game play with your friends or provide support to your users or friends by recording your screen than you'll need a software which can record your PC screen. I have already shared Best Free Screen Recording Software. But if you son't like those software or you just want to use VLC to do the task than follow and read the post carefully.

  • Before you proceed to the tutorial further, Download VLC from here.
  • Now Open it and Click Open Capture Device from the Media. See screenshot given below.
How to Record PC Screen with VLC
  • Change the Capture Mode to Desktop. You can modify the the frame rate according to your need.
How to Record PC Screen with VLC

Tip: 15 frames/sec is enough for smooth video but if you want to record fast movement than go for 30 FPS or near it.
  • Select the dropdown which is next to the Play button and choose Convert.
  • You'll need to choose a Destination Folder (it is the folder or drive where the video will be saved).
How to Record PC Screen with VLC
  • Click Start to begin recording process.
  • To stop and save the recording, click stop for the media player control buttons.
That's Enjoy Free Screen Recording with VLC Media Player. Use the share buttons given below to send this trick to your friends via your favorite Social Networking Site.

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