Sunday, 2 November 2014

Try Material Design on Bookmark Manager for Chrome

Try new Bookmark Manager for Google Chrome. It comes with new Material Design and many interesting features.

Few months earlier, Google was testing a a new Bookmark feature that is known as Stars. But it was removed from the store and can't be downloaded more. Now Google offers similar features with the new Bookmark Manager for Chrome which makes Bookmarks more powerful with many new features.
Previously, I have shared you an Extension which can create Chrome theme easily. In this post, *I will share you a new Bookmark Manager which is available in Store from few days.

Try Material Design on Bookmark Manager for Chrome

Try installing it on your Chrome and I am sure you'll like it. It has many features and some of the interesting features listed below.
  1. Bookmarks will be saved with one click just like the native Bookmark Manager.
  2. You can choose image thumbnail for the Link (if the post have images).
  3. Automatically categories the Bookmark, and you can categories it manually.
  4. Search function is improved in the new Bookmark Manager.
Also, description and thumbnails will be automatically added to almost all of your previous Bookmark entries and it will be synced across all your devices, but make sure to enable sync by signing in to your Google Chrome.
You can download this extension on your Chrome from here. After installing it, follow the following instructions to get started with Bookmark Manager.

Saving a Link as Bookmark
It is just same as the previous one but you can customize the image thumbnail from the available images on site, add description and categories to folder additionally.

Try Material Design on Bookmark Manager for Chrome

Search Function
If you'll search for your Bookmarks than it will also look for the contents of the website and not only the Title and Description. You'll really find it easy to look-up your Bookmarks.
Create and Manage Folders
You an now easily create folders and customize it description. A thumbnail will be automatically generated based on the links inside the folder and you can remove the image if you don't like it. See the screenshot given below.

Try Material Design on Bookmark Manager for Chrome

The new extension will completely replace the previous Bookmark Manager and you can access your Bookmarks just like you access with the old one. Go to Menu > Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager to access your saved links. You can also press CTRL+SHIFT+O key (on Windows) and CMD+SHIFT+O (on Mac) to access Bookmarks.

If you don't like the new Bookmark Manager than it can be easily installed from your Chrome. To remove it, Go to Menu > More Tools > Extension and click on the Trash Icon which is next to the Bookmark Manager.

That's All! Enjoy new and improved UI and Material Design on your Bookmark Manager for Chrome.

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