Monday, 13 October 2014

Reduce Google Chrome's Memory Usage

So your Google Chrome Web Browser works to slow and uses lots of memory (RAM). Read possible ways to reduce Chrome's Memory Usage.

Google Chrome is the most used Web Browser in the world and many users and Bloggers use it through out the day. And while browsing, you should have opened many tabs (more than 8, 10 , 20) which results in Google Chrome using high memory usage. Do you know? If you have many-many tabs opened than chances are that it can use more than your half of the system resources and in worst cases full system resources (if you have low budget computer).

If your Computer runs too slow and you're afraid that it isn't working in the way it should than read Some Tips on Improving Windows Performance.

If you keep large number of tabs opened in than your Google Chrome browser will become too slow and in low budget PC, system performance can also be slowed down and everything will mess up. If this is happening to your than try OneTab extension in your Google Chrome.

Reduce Google Chrome's Memory Usage

OneTab is used by more than 300K users and have a very good rating which itself shows its quality. It is very essential extension for users who uses and surf Internet with Computer having Low System Resources. It will convert all your tabs into a group of One Tab. Since, all the tabs is closed in OneTab, your Google Chrome browser will start running fast and smooth again.

OneTab claims that using this extension on Chrome Browser, it can reduce memory up-to 95%.
After installing it on your Chrome, whenever you have many tabs opened you can click on the OneTab icon which is located on the top right hand side and it will close all tabs make a group of all the opened tabs. You can also...
  • Send only single tab to OneTab.
  • Send all tabs except particular tab to OneTab or,
  • Send all tabs on left or right hand side to OneTab.
Tip: Right click on any webpage to see its options. and click on the options from the Extension Manager to see some advanced options.

You might be thinking that it closes all the tabs. Yes. It closes all the tabs and does the work it is for pretty well. Every time, when you will click on the OneTab icon, a new group of tabs will be generated and you close or delete particular or website from group very easily.

Also, you can share the group containing pages as a single webpage to your friends. You will get a URL to the page and a QR code which can be scanned from any QR code reader or smartphone.

You can download the OneTab Google Chrome extension from here.

The Great Suspender is another Chrome Extension that I found interesting.

Reduce Google Chrome's Memory Usage

Unlike OneTab, it will keep all tabs opened but suspend it for later use. It can suspend all opened tabs that is not in use for a while or simply suspend all tabs or individual tabs. You can get this extension from here.
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That's All! Now you will be able to make your Google Chrome to use less memory and you're able to reduce Google Chrome Memory usage with OneTab and The Great Suspender.

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