Thursday, 16 October 2014

How to Recover Deleted Photos on Android Phone

So you want to recover your Deleted Photos and Videos from your Android Phone. Follow the instructions to restore and recover your lost photos and images easily in your Android Device.

Many times, you should have deleted some of your personal and necessary photos by mistake. I have lost many photos by that way and I have recovered them easily. Are you also looking for an easy way for recovering deleted photos from your Android Phone? If Yes, then I have an Android App for you which can do the task without any trouble.

How to Recover Deleted Photos on Android Phone

There are many software available for PC to recover deleted files and photos but what if you don't have any PC and you have lost some important and life moments within those Photos? If you don't a way to recovers files such as Photos, Videos etc. from your Android Device than read this post.

We will use an Android application 'Disk Digger' that can recover your lost data easily.

Disk Digger can recover your lost photos and pictures from your Memory Card (SD Card) or from your Internal Storage on your Android Phone. This is very helpful application with very user friendly interface.

It can restore your and send it as an Email attachment or you can upload all photos via FTP. If you have file hosting service like Dropbox installed on your device than you can upload or save to those File Service Hosting too. If you just want to recover and save your recovered to your Internal Storage or SD card than it is very easy. In this post I will explain you how to recover deleted photos from your Android Phone using an Android application Disk Digger.

Important Note: You must root your Android Device to recover photos using Disk Digger. Without root access you can't recover any data. Now follow the steps...
  • At first Download the application from Play Store. To download go here. You can also Download Play Store Apps on PC and than send the app to your Android phone via Data Cable or Bluetooth.
  • Install the App after downloading. In the first use, it will ask you for Super User Permission. Allow Super User permission to Disk Digger.
Now you can easily recover deleted photos from your Android Device. It has a simple UI and you can find each option easily. If you got trouble, follow below given steps.
  • Open Disk Digger.
  • In the launch screen, you can the list of all devices including Memory Card (SD Card). 
How to Recover Deleted Photos on Android Phone

Note: It list the device names as their Linux Device names. It might not look too good but they say hat they will improve it in near future. The Memory Card name will appear as Storage/SdCard or /mnt/sdcard or something similar to it.
  • Click on the Device (example- SD Card) name which you want to scan and than click Scan button.
  • Next, it will ask you for the File Formats to scan and recover. If you want to recover deleted photos than tick on JPG and PNG. Click OK to Proceed.
How to Recover Deleted Photos on Android Phone

Note: It can also Recover Video Files on your Android Phone. To recover video tick on it.
  • Now it will start Scanning your Android Device to Recover your Lost and Deleted Photographs.
While the scanning is in progress, you can preview the image by click on that particular Image file and if you want to Recover them to your SD card then...

How to Recover Deleted Photos on Android Phone
  1. Tick the Image files.
  2. Click Save Local. Done!
I have recovered many photos of mine which have been deleted mistakenly. Also, if you have overwritten any files in your SD Card or Internal Storage than it may not be able to recover those files and photos.

That's All! Disk Digger is one of the best Android Data Recovery application. It works smoothly but you must root your Device to enjoy it features.


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