Monday, 27 October 2014

How to Convert a YouTube Video to MP3

Yes, you can convert YouTube videos into MP3 music file. Read the trick to Convert Videos into good quality MP3 or other format music files.

So, a new awesome song have been released on YouTube and you want to listen to it everyday. It is not possible for everyone to connect to Internet and browse YouTube to view videos to listen songs, and I will video if I am only interested on listening to the song. In that case, we'll need to buy that song from Store (example - iTunes). And if you don't have so much money to give it to sellers or you are too lazy to buy it than read this post.

In one of my previous post we viewed some amazing hidden and secret YouTube Easters. Today, in this post we will see few tricks to convert YouTube video to very good quality MP3 audio file. You can do it with the help of two ways listed below.
  1. Online YouTube video to MP3 converter.
  2. Free YouTube to MP3 converter software.
Online Method
We'll first see an online method to convert YouTube videos with minutes. Its very easy and you'll not need to bother much if you'll use the online method to convert YouTube videos to MP3 song. See the process explained below.
  • Open YouTube and browse the video song which you want to convert to MP3.
  • Now after you find that amazing clip, play that video for a while.
  • Copy the Video URL from the address bar on the top.
How to Convert YouTube Video to MP3

Tip: To copy the URL, Right click on URL address bar and select copy or simply click on the address bar, highlight whole URL, and click CTRL + C (if Windows) and Command + C (if Mac).
  • Open Google and find a YouTube to MP3 video converter. In this post I am using to convert the video to MP3.
  • Now paste the Video URL (which you copied previously) in the URL field and press convert video (or download on some other sites).
How to Convert YouTube Video to MP3
  • It will take only few moments to complete the conversion. It may take less than 1 minute or near it to finish up.
  • Once the conversion of YouTube video into MP3 audio completes, click on Download button to grab that song.
How to Convert YouTube Video to MP3
  • Done! You have just converted a YouTube video into a good quality MP3 file.
Tip: Bookmark that site if you need it in future.

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter Application
You can also use Free YouTube to MP3 Converter software by DVD Video Soft to do the task. If you'll use this software than you'll get many other function which is not available on Online Converter. Now see the steps below.
  • First, download the application from here.
  • After downloading, install it on your PC (double click on the downloaded application and follow the process to install it).
Note: See steps carefully, it may ask you to install another third party software (example - Opera). Skip installing those if you don't need that.
  • After installing. Open YouTube and find the Video which you would like to convert into MP3.
  • Copy the Video URL from the address bar. See the first tip of this post to know to copy the URL.
  • Open Free YouTube to MP3 Converter application which you should have downloaded now.
  • Click on Paste button.
Tip: Go to File > Paste URL or Right click anywhere in the application body and click Paste URL or simple click Paste Button which is in the bottom of that Application.
  • Wait few moments, after the video details appear on the screen.
  • Click On Download Button. See screenshot given below.
How to Convert YouTube Video to MP3
  • It will take time to Download the Video and Convert it into MP3 file depending on your Internet Speed and size of the file.
  • Once Downloaded, you can view it on folder and play it.
  • Finished.
That's All! Enjoy converting YouTube video into Mp3 music file for free. Keep visiting for tweaks and tricks.

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