Wednesday, 8 October 2014

How to Get Torrent File from Magnet Link

So you want to get Torrent File from a magnet link. You can easily get the Torrent file and convert Magnet Link to Torrent file. Follow these tips.

Magnet Link is a hypertext link that contains information which is used by Torrent Clients (like uTorrent) to get the data to download. Most users are familiar with Torrent and uses it to download files. In one of previous post, I shared you a Trick to Disable Sponsored Ads in uTorrent.

How to Get Torrent File from Magnet Link

Torrent file is much better than Magnet Links in many ways and you might have noticed little problem in downloading files from Magnets.
  • Magnet Links take a little time to download the Meta Data.
  • If you have have deleted download history or uninstalled your Torrent client than you have to get the magnet link again from the site to resume your previous download files.
If you just want to get the Torrent file from the Magnet Link to resume the download once the Download History get removed than follow the following steps.

Do you Know? Torrent Client stores the torrent file once the download have been started, which means you can find that file stored somewhere by your BitTorrent client.
  • Download the Meta Data of your file using Magnet Link.
  • Press Win + R key to open RUN and type %appdata%\uTorrent\ and hit enter button.
  • Now you can get the torrent file of all the files whose Meta Data have been downloaded.
If it is taking very long time for your to download Meta Data from Magnet Links or if your Torrent Client doesn't support Magnets than follow the following steps to download the Torrent file of any (almost) torrents
  • First, make the bookmark bar visible in your Web Browser as without this things will go little difficult.
  • After making the Bookmark Bar always visible, add a new Bookmark.
  • In the URL or Location field, paste the following code.

How to Get Torrent File from Magnet Link

You can name the Bookmark if you want so that it will be easy to find.
  • Next, highlight the Info/Torrent hash and click on the Bookmark you created just now.
How to Get Torrent File from Magnet Link

Tip: You can double click on Info Hash to highlight it in moments and than click on the Bookmark.
  • Click on the Bookmark and open the torrent file to download and resume your Torrents
That's All! Now you can easily get your Torrent File from Magnet Links. Drop a comment below if you need any help.

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