Tuesday, 7 October 2014

5 Best Online Image Optimizer to Compress Image Size

If you're a Blogger than you must know how to optimize image size and its quality to increase page load time.

If you're a Blogger than you must know to optimize your image to increase your Page load time and user experience. All of you know that an image is the most important of a website or blog and without an image you can't flaunt your viewers.

Do you know? Image takes more than 60% of the total Web Page size. If that's true than we should must reduce our blog or website image size, so that the page loading time will be less.
If you'll use large size image on your web page than you'll only be increasing your page load time and not your users. Most users don't like to wait years to see your web page and it will give your users a bad experience.

Almost all of you will be familiar with Adobe Photoshop. This is one of the best tool create and optimize an image. You can use its Save for Web feature to reduce the size. But there are some users who can't buy the software 'cause of the price or it may feel a little difficult to use.

There are many ways to achieve this task. You can try these things to reduce the size of an image.
  1. Change the width and height of the image to the dimension you need on your blog or web page.
  2. Compress your image. You can reduce the number of colors to compress. Try using the following free tool that will do your task very easily.
There are many Online Image Optimizer and Compression Tool that can do the task easily. Try Googling to find out the one which will fit your needs. If you're to lazy to find it out yourself than see the following list that I found interesting and easy to use to compress your image to small size.

PNG image is the most popular image format used in web designing for many reasons. Actually, many images which are of high resolution uses large number of colors (more than 100 and 1000 of colors) which can result in very large size. The tool will reduce the number of colors and change two or more colors with one color which will look same and unrecognizable.

5 Best Online Image Optimizer to Compress Image Size
  • It has another tool which can compress JPEG Image too.
I have used this tool and I found that it can reduce the size to half size to that of original. Another tool that I have found cool in compressing PNG image is TinyPNG.

  • It reduces the numbers of Colors used in the PNG image.
  • The transparency used in the PNG is image also supported in Internet Explorer and displays transparent instead of solid background.
5 Best Online Image Optimizer to Compress Image Size

Looking for another tool to compress other image file types too? Check out these three free tools.

  • It supports PNG, JPEG and GIF file types with the limit of 10 MB file size.
  • You can crop, sharpen, change dimension (width & height), convert photo to Black & White, add border etc.
It uses mathematical formula to divide the images to grid and than changes the pixel slightly to reduce the image size.
5 Best Online Image Optimizer to Compress Image Size
  • It supports PNG and JPEG file types.
  • The maxmum file size must be 2 MB or below it.
  • With this online image optimizer you can optimize your GIF, PNG and JPG Image files to give your web page best possible load time.
  • Maximum file size limit is 1.86 MB and you can convert your Image file to different formats.
That's All! Compress and Optimize your image to give your Web Page or Blog the best possible loading time.

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