Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Store Multiple Items to Clipboard in Windows

Yes! You can store multiple items in your Windows Clipboard using Clipboard Managers for Windows. You can also assign hot keys for each clipboard items and assign Hot Key to last ten copied items.

When you copy something from the web or from Documents and anywhere else, the copied item goes to the Windows Clipboard for temporary period and lost after restarting and shutting down Windows. Also, you can only keep one item in your Clipboard, which means if you will copy new item (Like images or text), the previous item will be deleted.

Store Multiple Items to Clipboard in Windows

If you are a Blogger and let's suppose you have to copy two links in your post, what will you do? You will have to make two round trips to the pages to copy the two links. But with Clipboard Managers, you can keep two or more items in your Clipboard and assign hot keys to paste it. You can maintain the history of large number of items in your Clipboard.

I found Ditto as one of the best clipboard manager and it can do everything you may desire. Let's know how to manage Clipboard Items with Ditto.
  • At First, Download Ditto from here and install it on your Windows PC.
  • If you will take a first look at this freeware than you it may not look so good but if you will start using it, you will find it large sets of features.
  • To send the item to Ditto Clipboard, simply Copy the item (text, image links etc) and it will be automatically sen to the Ditto's Clipboard.
  • You can assign Hot Keys to last ten copied items. Right click on Ditto Icon from the System Tray and click on options. Move to Keyboard Shortcut Tab.
Store Multiple Items to Clipboard in Windows
  • You can also assign Hot Keys to specific clipboard item. It will be good idea if you use particular text or image in each and every post or document. For eg. If you use the word "Windows Clipboard Manager"  on each document, you can assign Keyboard Shortcut to it.
Store Multiple Items to Clipboard in Windows
Assign Hot Key to Specific Clipboard Item
To assign Keyboard Shortcut to specific Clipboard Item than simply copy that item and click on the Ditto Icon on the System Tray, right click on the clipboard item and click Properties. Now assign the keyboard Keys to use it later to paste it easily on your Blog Post or Document (Tick Hot key available globally).
  • Another notable feature in this clipboard manager includes saving clips in groups for later use, syncing clipboard on Multiple Computers, search history etc.
  • It can save up-to 999 clipboard items and you can also set expiry date to it.
There are many other free programs which can manage Windows Clipboard with ease. And other Freeware you may like is ClipX.

Store Multiple Items to Clipboard in Windows

With ClipX, you can assign hot keys to Primary and Secondary items of your Clipboard but unlike Ditto you can't assign Hot Key to specific Phrase or item. You can keep 1024 items in ClipX Clipboard Manager and there are many plugins available to use.

Download ClipX from this link.

That's All! I hope you will enjoy using these free Clipboard Managers on your Windows PC. Keep Visiting for more Windows tweaks and Tricks.

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