Friday, 22 August 2014

How to Take Screenshot on Android Phones

So you want to take screenshots on your android phones. If Yes, then it is very simple to take very good quality picture of your android screen.

If you're a Blogger and want to show the screen of your android to your users in good quality than this tricks can help you. Many people uses camera to capture the screen of their android phone but with this secret trick, one can take good quality screenshot within a moment.

You might have come across many tutorial about Android which includes very good quality screenshot. If you'll use camera (even very good one) to capture than the picture will be little (or very much) blurry and you will see many reflections on the image.

How to Take Screenshot on Android Phones

This trick works on almost all android devices which operates on Android 4.0 ICS. Don't Worry if your phone have older Android OS as most manufacturer creates some special shortcuts to capture screen. For example - Many Samsung phones (which have older OS like Android 2.3) have this feature. I will tell you about the trick a little later in this tutorial.

Take Screenshot with Phone running Android 4.0 and above
If you have phone which is running Android 4.0 and above versions of Android than you can use the following shortcut to take screenshot.
  1. Go to your desired screen on your Android device and after that press the following keys combination.
  2. Press Power button and Volume Down button at the same time for a few seconds.
  3. Done.
If you pressed the keys at the same time correctly than you'll see an animation on the screen and camera sound, displaying the screenshot for a moment. The image will be saved in the Gallery. You can also see the notification in the status bar.

How to Take Screenshot on Android Phones

If you have phone which runs older versions of Android ( Android 2.2 or 2.3) than take a look at the Play Store. But first check out the following shortcuts as most manufacturer build some hidden shortcuts.

Screenshot Capture on Samsung Android Devices including Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II, HTC Amaze
If you're running a Samsung Android phone which have ICS than you might not be able to use Power + Vol Down shortcut as I think Samsung with their own shortcut for screen capture. To take screenshot in that case, follow the following steps.
  1. Go to your desired settings, apps or screen.
  2. Press Home and Power button at the same time or press Home button and quickly press the Power button.
  3. Captured.
The above given shortcut will also work in phones like HTC Amaze, Galaxy Mini (pop) or any Samsung phones.

Screen Capture in Samsung Galaxy S5 or S4 and Note
Just swipe your hand across the screen with mildly touching the screen. In Galaxy Note, you can take your screenshot by using the following shortcut.
  1. Go to the screen which will be used in screen capture and press the following shortcut.
  2. Press and hold Home + Power button. You can press and hold stylus on the screen for a few moment. Or swipe your hand over the screen.
  3. You have captured your screen.
On some older android phone, you can use Power + Back button at same time or Press Home and Back button together. If you didn't see the notification than check the gallery if their is any screenshot captured.

That's All! Share your screenshot with your friends or with your users on your blog easily. If you need help or you have any other trick than feel free to share it on comments.

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