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How to Increase Google Chrome Speed & Overall Performance

So your Google Chrome Web Browser is working and responding too slow. In this tutorial I will tell you how to increase your Google Chrome Speed and its performance.

Google Chrome is one the most popular web browser. There are lots of tricks available to improve its performance. If you're one of its users than you must have used some plugins and extensions on this and if your don't review the plugins and extensions than you might have many (installs) which is of no use on your Chrome.

How to Increase Google Chrome Speed & Performance

In my previous post, We have seen how to create Chrome theme manually and Adblock Plus for Chrome is really popular.

Well, it is fast browser, but if you will use for longer time without maintaining it than it can become too slow. It has happened to me but after these tricks and tweaks my Chrome browser starts working many times fast again. These tricks will look very simple but these will improve your browser performance.

Disable Unwanted Plugins
Plugins are intended for for improving the usability of a browser and which are available for almost all browsers. Bear in mind that Plugins & Extensions are different from each other. Actually, most companies designs plugins for all browser but extensions are available for specific browser and each browsers' have different source codes and works in different way.

You can see the complete list of Plugins used in your Google Chrome very easily, just type chrome://plugins in the URL bar. Now we will disable all those plugins that will be of no use for us.

How to Increase Google Chrome Speed & Performance

If you have installed software like Internet Download Manager, Real Player, Microsoft Office, Silverlight, Google Earth, Adobe Products, Nokia Suite etc. than you should have large numbers of plugins installed in your Chrome Browser. I found that most plugins are of no use for and therefore I disabled it. Check out your plugins list and disable the one which is not of any use (for you) and I am sure you will see improvements in your Google Chrome speed and its Performance.

Also, if you have Google Update plugin enabled, you can disable it and to update your Chrome manually, click on Wrench icon and than go to About Google Chrome and your update will start (if their is any).

Disable Extensions
Previously, In this post we learned plugins and extensions are different and extensions are intended for specific browser and each browser have different methods and ways of work and extensions must have to fulfill its sources and its environment.

Now, to check the list of extensions used in your Chromium Browser, type chrome://extensions in the browsers URL bar and hit enter. Now we can see the full list of extensions used in our Google Chrome Web Browser.

How to Increase Google Chrome Speed & Performance

When I feel that my Chrome is also working slow than I have disabled some extensions which may not be of use for me (for now). if you think that you'll need particular plugin (in future) than remove tick from Enable button but if you think you didn't need that extension in future than delete it.

I have many-many extension installed in my Chrome like Adblock Plus, Avast, Black Menu, save to Google Drive, IDM Integration Module and I disabled most of them. Many of these extensions slow down the browser.
You can re-enable the plugin anytime when you need it.

Change Sync Settings
If you're signed in to Chrome and you use Sync option than customize sync settings and choose the options which you find necessary synchronizing. To change Settings...

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on Advanced Sync Settings in the Sign in section.
  • Choose what to sync.
Increase Google Chrome Speed & Overall Performance

Tip: You can disable Synchronizing Themes if you don't use it. Disable Open tabs and if you don't want options like auto fill, passwords to be synchronized for your Chrome Privacy than it's better to disable these.
  • Click OK.

Clear Browser history, cache and cookies
Don't get this topic wrong! cache, history and cookies are intended for improving users browsing experience and you can surf the Internet faster with these, But if you will not maintain your Google Chrome and any other web browser in regular intervals of time than you might have a very large number of files stored in your PC which can slow down your Chrome.

To check or see all the cache stored in your Google Chrome than just type chrome://cache in your Chrome Browsers URL bar and hit enter. See the large number of cache stored in my Chrome in the image given below.

How to Increase Google Chrome Speed & Performance

If you want to clear your browsing data than click CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE to open clear browsing data window and delete all the data stored in your Chrome that's of no use.

How to Increase Google Chrome Speed & Overall Performance

For maintenance purposes, I have installed Click & Clean extension in my Chrome and it works awesome. Check how it works for you.

Disable Home Button
Most of the user don't uses home button in their Chrome. If you don't use than it is better to disable it. To disable follow the following simple steps.

Increase Google Chrome Speed & Overall Performance

  1. Go to Settings (Click on Wrench Icon > Settings).
  2. Move to Appearance Section.
  3. Un-tick Show Home Button.
Remove Unnecessary Search Engines
Chrome has bad habit of saving lots of search engines to search from omnibox. Remove those which is of no use. You can manage Search Engines from Search Section.
  • Move to Search Section on the Settings page.
  • Click on Manage Search Engines button.
  • Now you'll see all the saved search engine. Remove all and keep the one you need.
  • To remove, hover your mouse cursor over the search engines and click on close icon.
Increase Google Chrome Speed & Overall Performance
  • Click Done.

Hmm... you will like some experimental features enabled on your browser. To check out all the experimental features of your Google Chrome, type chrome://flags in the URL bar. Make a note that, enabling some experimental may bite.

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