Tuesday, 29 July 2014

How to Open ISO (CD Image) Files without Burning

So you want to open ISO or CD image files without burning it to a CD/DVD drive. Yeah! you can open or mount it easily as it works in Windows 8.

So you want to open an ISO file in your Windows Explorer as a virtual drive without burning it to a CD/DVD drive. If you're looking for a software or tool to achieve this task than this post will help you.

If you have used Windows 8 than you might have noticed that you don't need any tool to open ISO files. In Win 8, you just open ISO file and the Operating System will mount it automatically and open it as a virtual drive. There are many more features in Windows 8 like Aero Glass Transparency Effect.

Open ISO and CD Image Files

If you are using Windows 7 or Vista than you can use compression utility like Win RAR to open it. I like to use Virtual Clone Drive to open ISO or CD/DVD Image files. In this post I will tell you how to open ISO files with Virtual Clone Drive and Win RAR.

At first, we will see opening CD image files in Windows Explorer as Virtual Drive with Virtual Clone Drive. Before proceeding to the tutorial, download this tool from here. After downloading follow some simple steps explained below.
  • Install Virtual Clone Drive on your Computer.
How to Open ISO Files without Burning
  • You can choose which type of CD files to open (like ISO). After choosing your desired option, proceed and install the application.
  • Now open any CD/DVD image files or any ISO files. It will be automatically opened as a Virtual CD-ROM and you can than browse the files inside it.
Also, check out various various other functions of Virtual Clone Drive. It is simple to use application and you can easily open ISO and CD image file with this application as a virtual drive. Just click on the ISO file and it will automatically do the task.

If, for some reasons, you don't like this tool than you will surely like to use Win RAR. You should consider installing it on your PC, if you aren't using it. Download the program from this link.
  • After installing Win RAR on your PC, you will need to associate ISO file with Win RAR. Follow the steps to know how to do this.
  • Right click on any ISO file (or CD image) and than click open with.
How to Open ISO (CD Image) Files without Burning
  • Now click on Choose Default Program.
How to Open ISO (CD Image) Files without Burning

Now, when you will open CD image or ISO file, it will be opened in Win RAR and it will not ask you to burn to open these types of files.

That's All! I hope you will enjoy both the tools to open ISO files on your PC. In alternative to the above programs, you can use Magic ISO to open CD image files.

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