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Direct Download Torrent Files with IDM

So you want to download a torrent files and that with your web browser or IDM (Internet Download Manager) rather than using torrent clients like BitTorrent. If you're looking for the tricks and ways to download torrents than you're at the right place. In this tutorial I will help you and provide you some spicy tweaks and tricks.

Direct Download Torrent Files with IDM

Yeah! You can download any movie or applications from torrent from your browsers' download manager (and not using any BitTorrent client). If you want to download with your web browser than I will advice you to get Internet Download Manager (IDM) as it is fast and supports resume functions. Take a look at the functions of IDM listed below.
  • With the help of IDM, you can download files many times faster as compared to BitTorrent client.
  • Also, if your Internet Service Provider have blocked access to some torrent downloads than you can use and configure proxy with Internet Download Manager.
  • No seeding and leeching problems.
  • You can download and resume torrent files like movies, applications any time you want.
  • To give you best speed, it divides files into various parts.
  • Now you would like to download IDM, if yes, get it from here.
Now you want to know the various methods and tricks to download torrent with your Web Browser or IDM. Here are the tricks.

It is very easy to download torrent from this site. No need to register to download files. Follow the following steps to start downloading torrents.
  • First of all go to its home page from here. After that you'll see the following page.
Direct Download Torrent Files with IDM
  • Paste the torrent file link or magnet link in the specified link area and press go button.
  • After pressing the go button you'll see the following screen. Just click on Free.
Direct Download Torrent Files with IDM
  • After that you'll be redirected to the following page.
Direct Download Torrent Files with Web Browser Download Manager
  • Click on Download button to start downloading the file. You're file will be downloaded in minutes depending on your Internet Speed.
It is not the only site which allows to download torrents. Take a look at some more site list given below.
Filestream - Another site to download torrents with web browser or IDM
I really like this site. It is fast and easy to use service like the above shown one. But to use its service you will need to signup with
  • Go to this link and signup for a free account.
  • Paste the Magnet Link to the torrent in the given link area or upload your torrent file.
Direct Download Torrent Files with IDM or Web Browser
  • Click Download button. After that your torrent will be added in files.
Direct Download Torrent Files with IDM
  • Click on Download as ZIP and follow the instructions.
I will share you with one more site which allows to download any torrent files directly from IDM or web browser rather than using BitTorrent client.

  • It is a simple site. Just go to this link and add the torrent URL in the given link field.
  • See the image below to know more.
Direct Download Torrent Files with IDM

That's All! These were the three free sites which allows to download any torrent files for free. You may need to register for some sites to download. Just try it!

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