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How to Capture Logon Screen in Windows 7

You need to capture logon screen in your Windows PC. Get started and capture the screen of your welcome screen in Windows by following this post.

Yesterday, while writing a post on Changing Windows 7 Logon Screen Wallpaper, I found that my users can need a tutorial on capturing logon screen background in their Windows 7 PC, and therefore I am writing this post.

How to Capture Logon Screen in Windows 7

It is not very much difficult task to capture and record logon screen, you will just need to find a easy way. You might be familiar with Ease of Access center, this file can be loaded from the logon screen and if this file can be loaded in, so why not other applications? To load other applications like screen capture application, you will need to replace screen capture utility Ease of Access file. In this post I will tell you how to achieve this as and record logon screen with ease.

Before proceeding, we will need to make a backup of that file, so that we replace it again with previous application after completing our task.
  1. Go to "C" or the drive in which your Windows 7 is installed. After that go to C > Windows > System32.
  2. In the System32 folder, look for a file named utilman.exe (or simple utilman).
  3. Now rename the file to utilman_old.exe (or simple rename it to utilman_old).
  4. Please note that, to rename this file, you'll need to take the ownership of this file.
To take the ownership of utilman.exe file, follow the following steps very carefully.
  • Right click on the Utilman and click properties.
  • In the Utilman properties menu, move to security tab and click advanced. See image below.
How to Capture Logon Screen in Windows 7
  • Now move to owner tab from advanced security settings for utilman and click edit button as shown in the image below.
How to Capture Logon Screen in Windows 7
  • Now grant access to yourself, which was previously to Trusted Installer.
How to Capture Logon Screen in Windows 7
  • Now, you taken the ownership of that file, if you aren't able to rename the utilman file than you may not have edit permissions. To allow editing and modifying permissions follow the following steps.
Granting editing permissions to utilman.exe file...
  • Roght Click Utilman and click properties.
  • Move to Security Tab and click Edit. Take a look at the screenshot below.
How to Capture Logon Screen in Windows 7
  • Click on your account and allow full control by ticking on full control.
  • Click Apply and than press OK.
We have now required right to rename and modify Utilman file. We can now proceed to the tutorial further on capturing Logon Screen in Windows 7. Follow the steps very carefully.
  1. As discussed earlier, rename utilman.exe file.
  2. Now download screen capture program from here.
  3. Now, extract the archive using WinRAR and move utilman.exe file inside System32 folder.
  4. Done!
  5. Now Lock your or Log Off your Windows 7 and click on Ease of Access Center icon.

  6. How to Capture Logon Screen in Windows 7

  7. Now click on Capture on Capture button and than click Save.
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That's all! We have now finished and learned how to capture logon screen in our Windows 7 PC. Feel free to comment below, if you need any help and assistance.

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