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How to Change Album Thumbnail Cover of Music Files

Today, while I was listening a song, I found that there isn't any album cover on the Music File. So I sat down and started tweaking around to change the image of the song I was listening. But before changing I need a Software that can help me in doing this and of course an image that can be used in the Mp3 file as an album cover.

How to Change Album Thumbnail Cover of Music Files

You may be thinking that I have buy-ed the software for doing so. But I haven't buy-ed any software. Actually, I am using Windows OS. Most of the people use Microsoft Windows OS. If you're also using than I can share you a very easy way to change the album cover of any Mp3 or music file.
We can use Windows Media Player for this task. Yes, after searching lots of software, I only found Windows Media Player as the simplest and free tool for changing image of any music and mp3 file. If you also want to change or add an image file or album cover in your mp3 than follow the following steps.
  • First of all, play the song with Windows Media Player to make sure that the song is in the library of your Media Player.
  • Now close it. Now reopen your Windows Media Player and switch to library view. After switching your view,
How to Change Album Thumbnail Cover of Music Files
  • Search for the album or song in which you want to add album thumbnail cover.
  • After finding the album/song, you will need an image that can be used as a cover. You can search for it on Google Images.
  • Now, after getting your image Copy the image (just keep the image copied in clipboard). Right-Click on Image and select copy.
How to Change Album Thumbnail Cover of Music Files
  • After copying the image (adding the image to clipboard), open the Windows Media Player and,
  • In the Player Library, Right-Click on the album cover or art box and than click on Paste Album Art.
How to Change Album Thumbnail Cover of Music Files
  • Done! If you have followed above steps than you have changed/added the album thumbnail of your music file.
After doing this tweak, the album cover will be automatically applied to each and every song of that album. You will not need to change the art of each and every song manually. But if you like unique cover for each song than look for the song on the Media Player and change the cover of that song instead. If you're getting difficulties on doing this tweak on your song than see the video given below.

There are many other software that can this for you. If you don't like tweaking your album art using WMP than you can also use Real Player for doing so. Real Player also offers changing the album cover in a very easy way.

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