Saturday, 17 May 2014

Things to Do After Changing Domain Name in Blogger

So! You have changed your domain name of your blog. Now you will need to know few necessary things which you can do to get your search ranking again on Google and other Saerch Engines. If you use Blogger than things goes much easier.

Blogger is a fully free blogging platform and you also get maximum up-time and a sub-domain name of * It also offer registering and embedding custom domain name to your Blogger blog. It is also necessary to have a custom domain name which is fully yours. Many people use this blogging platform for just spamming and adding copied content to their blog for short term ranking, and having a custom domain name will make the people think that you're serious about your blogging carrier. Well, the people who just blogs to share the copied content will lose their value in the long run and in most cases they will shut down their blog after few months or year. If you will keep blogging for 1 and 2 years than you will start getting positive response from your blog visitors.

Things to Do After Changing Domain Name in Blogger

Recently, I have changed the domain name of my blog to I have to make many changes to make this blog just like before. Also, if you are wishing to change your blogger sub domain to your custom domain name than you should consider reading this post as it is very necessary to follow these steps after changing your domain. Lets see.

The first thing that you will have to do is waiting as it will take a week or two or even a month for the search engine to rank your blog like the rank you have had on your sub domain. Yes, it is the positive point of using Blogger, you will not need to manually change your blogs permanent redirection as Blogger does this for your and in the result you will get your rank on search engines just like your blog on previous sub domain. Just for few days for the changes to take effect.

Google Webmasters Tools
You will need to update your sitemap on Google Webmasters Tools. If you haven't submitted your Blogger sitemap to Webmasters tools than you should consider submitting it now. The sitemap can be accessed from where sub-domain will be your previous URL. Just submit the sitemap URL to your Webamster Tools again. If you have already submitted one than just refresh it.
You will need to update re-submit your sitemap to Bing Webmasters Tools too. No need to submit on Yahoo as it is powered by Bing.

Social Networking and Fan Pages
After changing your domain name you will find that all of your likes from social networking sites has gone from your blogs. It is happened because your blog users have liked the previous domain i.e., * and now you have a custom domain name. So, you will also need to update and share your important blog posts to your Facebook and Google+ Fan pages. Sharing some of your important posts again on your Social Profile ensure likes from your users again. A websites or Blogs presence on Social Networking Sites is also very important and it is given importance by search engines including Google.

Update and Verify your new domain name again on Google+ Page. Change the domain name in Facebook page with your new blog web address.

Also, you might want to create a a new and fresh fan page for your blog. Grab the user name for your domain name now on your favorite social networking sites before the user name is taken away by different users.

Redirect to
Redirecting naked domain name to WWW host is also important. If you will not redirect your naked domain to WWW than you might lose the users who just types naked URL. It means if the user will type than he will get error and he will not be able to browse your site. To browse your site he will need to type You can easily skip this error by just redirecting to WWW host. You can do it easily via Dashboard > Settings > Basic > Publishing > Edit > Redirect to

Advertising and Adsense
If you use Adsense to monetize your blog than you will be getting some errors on your blog. After changing the domain name Google Adsense will stop serving advertisements on your blog as they aren't familiar with your new domain name. If you have a verified Adsense account than you will need to authorize the newly created domain name from your Adsense Settings.
Important: Don't create a new Adsense account as it will break the Adsense Terms of Service. Just use your existing Adsense account and add this domain to your Adsense list using Settings. If you don't have one than you might like to know how to get approved Adsense account in few hours. If your blog don't get more than 1000 visitors per day than you should consider not to advertise on your blog as your per click profit will be very less.

Update Social Directory
If you have submitted your Blog on some social directories than you will need to update your feed address and your domain name on those social connecting sites. Some of the popular Social Directory are DMOZ, Technorati, Fuel My Blog etc. If you haven't submitted to these open directories than consider adding your site there.
You will also like to read How to Submit Your Blog to DMOZ Open Directory.
After the above steps you can continue publishing your posts on your blog. It is very important to keep your blog updated. Try to write at least one post in a week and kink to your previous posts while writing new posts.

That's All you will need after changing your domain name of your Blogger blog. Give search engines some time to update your site on search.


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  2. Very nice and informative post. I was looking for it since a weak and whichever sites i visited it only focuses on 'how to add custom url to blogspot' and no one bothers about telling the effect of this change on the adsense. I was looking an answer for a simple question that " do i need to get adsense approval again if i change my blogspot URL name to a custom domain name while the host site remain same ". Its very sad that you cann't easily find an answer for your question even after searching hundreds of sites, they all just repeat the same old answer again and again....You article given me some hints about my query but not the complete answer though.