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How to See Private Profile Picture on Facebook

So you want to view private profile picture on Facebook. No? With the help of this trick you will be able to see or view any locked profile picture in original size.

Many people says that Facebook isn't safe, you may also be thinking so. Facebook is developing its system day by day and have made a social networking platform which is unbeatable. It has very large numbers of visitors worldwide. Almost all of your friends may be using Facebook and many people use it because their friends are on Facebook. In this post I will tell you a trick from which you can see private profile picture of your friends on Facebook. Their are many tricks available in the Internet and in this post I will tell you the simplest one from which you will be able to see the private profile picture of your friends on Facebook and the who is not your friend too.

How to See Private Profile Picture on Facebook

Facebook changes its privacy settings day by day to make their users more secure online. Users can set their profile picture private and after making it private his/her friend or anyone on the Internet will not be able to see it. You can only see a small thumbnail of his/her profile picture. In this post, I will show you how to view that small thumbnail on large size or original size. With the help of this trick, you can view original size any profile picture or any photos that is of small size.

This hacking is possible because of the Facebook uses common type of URL for images. And since Facebook uses some common type of URLs for images and so we can tweak a little to see the image in large size. Now see the URL of an image on Facebook.

The above URL isn't a valid image URL. You can see the structure of the image that is used by Facebook. Text which you can see in the Blue color above determines the size of the image. We will not use this to change the size. This is only used to determine the thumbnails of different sizes. The text in red color is the ID of the photo. We will use this ID to see the original size of the photo that is available in thumbnail.

To view the private image, we will need to change the URL of the image. Just follow the below given steps carefully to view the private profile picture on Facebook.
  • At first, go to the Facebook profile of which you want to see the private profile picture and you can't see the or click on the profile picture image.
  • Now right click on the profile picture. See the image below to know what I am talking about.
How to See Private Profile Picture on facebook
  • After copying the image URL, paste it somewhere. You can paste the URL on Notepad. The copied image URL structure will be something like URL given below.

Did you remembered the image ID. The text which I have highlighted red is the ID of the image.
Now copy the URL given below and add or paste this URL on the URL bar of your browser.

Now copy the ID of the image and paste it just after the above given URL. After adding the ID the URL structure will look something like the one given below.

Great! Now press enter and load the page. You can now see the private profile picture in the large size which is disabled by Facebook. If you're getting little difficulty in the above steps than see the simplified steps explained below.
  1. Copy the profile picture URL by right clicking your mouse button.
  2. Now paste it anywhere such as Notepad. URL will look like.
  3. Now replace "" with from the URL link. Don't forget the slash sign. Also, p50x50 can be different like p150x150 etc.
  4. Now enter and see the private Facebook image in large size (original size).
That's All! I hope you like this Facebook trick on viewing private profile picture on Facebook. Keep visiting this site for more interesting tips and tricks for Facebook. You will also like to read How to Keep your Facebook Account Secure.

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