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How to Install Windows 8 Theme on Windows 7 PC

Microsoft has added many new features and programs in it's Windows 8 and 8.1 OS.  And you're using the new version of Windows than you should have found that many things have been changed on this operating system. They have also changed the file format of the Windows 8 theme which means you will not be able to install Windows 8 themes on Windows 7. You may be familiar that on the previous versions of Windows the themes are of .theme format, but in Windows 8 all themes contains .deskthemepack format.
You have to accept that this new version of Windows is beautiful at least in design and contains awesome effects. Windows 8 theme contains panoramic views and it also have functions to enable auto-colorization of Window frames, but all the theme contains .deskthemepack extension which is not supported on the previous versions of Windows operating systems. But if you will make those theme packs compatible with Windows 7 than you can install those beautiful backgrounds on your Windows 7 PC. Now let's see how to make Windows 8 theme compatible with Windows 7.

To make the theme compatible with 7 you can use a small software called Desk Theme Pack Installer for Windows 7. This software will make all the Windows 8 theme compatible with Windows 7. You will be able to use Windows 8 panoramic themes on your Windows 7 Computer.
Now download the application from here. After downloading the application move or place it anywhere you want. This is a portable software which means you will not need to install it on your PC. Just open the software and follow the following steps to make the Windows 8 theme compatible with Windows 7.

How to Install Windows 8 Theme on Windows 7 PC
Install Any Windows 8 Theme on
Windows 7
The application is very simple and easy to use. You will be able to use it without any headache. Now see the three options given in the application.
  1. Install a deskthemepack file : The title is self explained. Now click this option and browse the deskthemepack file to install it on Windows 7.
  2. Associate with *.deskthemepack files : It just install the association of deskthemepack file in Windows 7. If you will choose this option than you will be able to install any Windows 8 deskthemepack theme just like a regular theme of Windows 7. After enabling this option just open the theme and install it as you did with the regular Windows 7 themes.
  3. Remove *.deskthemepack associations : It just removes the association of deskthemepack files with Windows 7 which you apply through the above option.
The above given options are very simple and I think it didn't need to be explained more.
This application does work Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate and  Enterprise versions of Windows 7. Please note that this application will note work in Windows 7 starter and home basic. I think it's gonna fixed i the next major version of Desk Theme Pack Installer. Just wait if you use starter and home basic versions of Windows 7.

Also, note that this software will not provide you the auto colorization of Windows frames. You will not be able to enjoy the panoramic view of wallpapers as in Windows 8.
Their is another issue in this software. If you have associated all your Windows 8 themes with Windows 7 to make it open through regular personalize menu than don't move the application after the association of themes. Although you're free to keep it anywhere but don't move the application after associating Windows 8 theme with Windows 7. After moving the application Windows forgets the association and the Windows 8 theme will stop working on Windows 7.
If you have moved the application after association than follow the following simple steps to start installing the Windows 8 theme again on 7.
  1. Run the Desk Theme Pack Installer from the new location.
  2. Click on Remove *.deskthemepack associations.
  3. Now click on Associate with *.deskthemepack files again.
  4. Now open any Windows 8 theme from File Explorer and install it.
That's All for today. I hope you're enjoying Windows 8 theme on your Windows 7 computer,

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