Friday, 30 May 2014

How to Install/Use Google Fonts in Windows PC

So you want to use Google Fonts in your Windows PC or Computer. In this post you will learn how to download and install Google Fonts in your computer very easily.

There are large number of Google Fonts available in their directory. Almost all the website uses fonts provided by Google in their web pages. They use it because of beautiful and large variety available in Google Fonts directory. If you will take a look at the fonts than I am sure you will love to install it on your Computer and use it on your presentation and projects.

Now the question is, Does Google allows to the Fonts in our Project? And the answer is Yes. Yes, Google allows all the fonts to use it for personal and commercial purposes. All the fonts are Open Source and since all these fonts are Open Source, therefore you will not need to buy the license for using it.

Downloading and Installing Google Fonts is very easy. Windows only supports True Type and Open Type Fonts. You can download the True Type Fonts for your Windows very easily through Google Fonts site. In this post we will learn how to download True Type Fonts and install it in your PC.
How to Install Google Fonts in Windows PC
  • Now in the Google Fonts page, search for the Fonts that you want to install in your Windows PC. If you don't have any fonts in mind than take a look at the fonts in the page and test the fonts.
  • After getting your desired fonts that you wish to add to your Fonts collection in your Windows PC, click on the Add to Collection button.
How to Install Google Fonts in Windows PC
  • Now, the font (s) will be add to your Google Fonts collection and you can now download the font.
  • To download the font, simply click on the download icon located in the top right corner of the font page. See the picture given below to know where is the download link located.
How to Install Google Fonts in Windows PC
See the download icon shown above arrow
  • After clicking on the download icon, you will see the download menu just like the image given below. You must add your fonts in the collection by clicking the Add to Collection button.
How to Install Google Fonts in Windows PC
Click on Zip File
  • After clicking the ZIP file, your download will be started. Now you can install that Font in your Windows Computer. Try to install all the styles of that particular font like bold, italic etc.
After installing the font you can use the fonts in your projects and presentation freely without any need to buy the font license as the fonts provided by Google are Open Source.

Important: When you use the font in your presentation or any project, try to embed the font (s) in your Word or presentation file. It is important to embed because not all the people have installed the Google Font that you're using in your presentation. To embed the fonts in your Presentation or Word file, follow the steps explained below.
Note: For detailed tutorial on attaching fonts in documents and presentation read How to Embed Fonts in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.
  • First, click on the Tools menu (Office Button on the left corner).
  • Now click on the Word Options located in the bottom right corner near Exit Word button.
How to Use Google Fonts in Windows PC
  • Click on the Save Tab and tick or select on Embed Fonts in the file.
How to Use Google Fonts in Windows PC

Oh! The above shown steps are too complicated for me. Don't Worry! I have prepared a video for you. Now see the detailed video below to know How to Install Goggle Fonts in Windows.

That's All! You can install the fonts in your computer if you need it. Although, if you don't need the fonts in your PC, I will suggest you to download and install some popular fonts in your PC as most of the website and blogs uses Google Fonts and installing the fonts locally in your Computer will speed up your page loading time.

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