Thursday, 1 May 2014

How to Install Custom Third Party Themes on Windows 8

So you want to use custom third party themes on Windows 8. If yes than you can apply unsigned themes easily on your OS by patching your system easily. Just download the Theme Patcher from here.

Microsoft Windows have come up with many new design and modern looks on Windows 8. It includes Metro User Interface (UI) and a new style of Start Screen, but if you wish to add the Seven like orb Start Menu on Windows 8 easily with easy to user software. Search for it on Google, you will find out how to add it but if you don't find any tutorial than wait for my another post. Microsoft have also removed the much loved Aero Glass Transparency effect on this version (If you wish to enable it than read How to Enable Aero Glass Transparency Effect on Windows 8).

How to Install Custom Third Party Themes on Windows 8

They have also changed the file format of Windows 8 which means you will not able to use the themes which is for Windows 8 on it's previous version of Windows. But in case if you really like themes made for Windows 8 than their is a trick which will allow you to use Window 8 themes on Windows 7.
Anyway, Microsoft is successful in implementing new design on this version of Windows. If you're bored with the look of your previous version of Windows than you should choose 8 as your Operating System. It have awesome graphics and shows sharp and colorful display. And if you are using Windows 8 as your OS and you're getting difficulties on installing custom third party themes on Windows 8 than this tutorial will help you in doing that.
As usual, Microsoft don't allow the installation of unsigned third party themes installing on Windows 8. If you want to change the look of your Windows 8 System with the use of beautiful themes, skin packs and visual styles than you will need to patch your system. But it is difficult for normal user to patch their Operating System, developers have made very easier to patch the system to install unsigned custom third party themes and skin packs on Windows 8. Let's now see how to install third party themes on Windows 8.

To install third parties themes I will suggest you to use UxStyle. Another option to patch the system to use custom themes is Ultra Ux Theme Patcher. I used Ultra Ux Theme Patcher to patch my system and I didn't find any issues on installing and using it. After installing any of the above software download your favorite themes and move it on the theme folder. If you don't know where is the theme folder than follow the steps below to install custom third party themes after patching your System.
  • Go to the Local disk (Hard Drive on which the Operating System (Windows 8) is installed).
How to Install Custom Third Party Themes on Windows 8
  • On that Local Disk (on which the OS is installed) look for the folder named Windows. Go to that folder.
  • Now you will see many files and folders. Just find the folder named Resources.
  • In the Resources folder you will see a folder named Themes.
  • You're navigating to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes.
  • Just move the theme files inside the Themes folder and apply it.
How to Install Custom Third Party Themes on Windows 8
Double Tap Theme to Apply it or you can also
apply it through Personalisation
If you're still facing problem in finding the Themes folder than just open Run by pressing Windows Key+R and than paste C:\Windows\Resources\Themes and click OK.

How to Install Custom Third Party Themes on Windows 8

Note: If you have installed Windows 8 on another Hard Disk Drive than change C with the name of another drive.
Now I am sure you'll find the folder easily. Now you will only need to download the themes or visual styles and move it on the theme folder as instructed by the theme designer.

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