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How to Improve Windows 8 Performance and Startup Time

So you would like to increase your PC speed? Here are some tips for you to improve your Windows 8 PC performance. Follow these steps and see significant improvements in your PC speed.

Compared to all the previous versions of Windows like Windows 7, Vista or XP, the Windows 8 PC is much faster and performs very well. But if you a little less RAM or Processor than your PC might run slow. Also, there are many Windows 8 Apps and if you have installed too much, than it can slow down your Computer. In this post I will show you how to improve your Windows 8 PC performance and Starting time.

How to Improve Windows 8 Performance and Startup Time

Many of these tips can also work on previous versions of Windows. Now, how will you increase your PC's performance? Here are some tips for you.

Disable some unnecessary services and applications
You might be running some services that may not be any of your use and disabling those programs can improve your PC performance. To disable unnecessary programs follow the following steps.
  • Press Windows+R key to open the RUN. Now just type msconfig in the given text field and than click OK.
How to Improve Windows 8 Performance and Startup Time
  • Now you will see System Configuration options. Click on Services Tab. It is important to tick the check box that says hide all Microsoft services. You must not stop some Microsoft services. Now you will see all the third party services that is running on your PC. Disable the one which is not of your use at all. Some of the services can be Google Update Service, Mozilla Maintenance Service.
How to Improve Windows 8 Performance
  • At last click OK.
Managing Startup Programs
It is also very important to manage your startup programs as if you have many programs that will run  on starting of your Windows than your PC will certainly start up slower. To manage startup applications and programs follow these steps.
  • Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE key simultaneously. Now choose Task Manager from the Window that appears.
How to Improve Windows 8 Performance
  • Now you will see your Windows 8 Task Manager. Click on the Startup Tab. Now check if there are some programs that may not be of use on starting of your Windows. You can also see the Startup impact of those applications. To disable the application, just select the application and than click on Disable button.
Disable Windows Search
This Windows service automatically monitors your PC to improve the search service. If it is set to automatic than you might gain speed on searching. But setting it as automatic monitoring can significantly slow down your PC as this service uses lots of CPU. To disable Windows Search, see these simple steps.

  • Press Window+R Key to open RUN Window. Now type services.msc on the given search field and press enter key.
  • Following the above step will open Windows Services Window. Look for Windows Search from the given services list.
  • Once you found Windows Search, right click your mouse and choose properties.
How to Improve Windows 8 Performance
  • Now in the Window that appears, select the startup type as Disabled.
If following the above steps doesn't improve your Windows 8 performance than their might be some issues on your Computer. Try the following steps to solve those common issues.
Their are many times that your Computer becomes too slow due to unnecessary files, and it becomes necessary to Cleanup and organize your Disk Drives. Do you know? Sometimes hard drives can become cluttered with the number of temporary files and the files that doesn't needed anymore on your system. There are three programs available present in Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista to optimize your disk drives to gain the full performance of your PC. These are...
  1. Disk Cleanup - To perform disk cleanup, go to Computer and than right click on the hard drive on which you want to perform Disk Cleanup and choose properties. Select General Tab and click on Disk Cleanup.
  2. Error Checking - If you think there are some errors on your hard drive than you should check your drives for errors. To perform error checking, right click on the hard drive on which you you want to check errors and than click on Properties. Now move to Tools tab and select/click on Check on Error Checking option.
  3. Defragmenter - The Disk Defragmenter program reorganizes the data on your hard disk to better utilize space and make the hard drive more efficient. After installing and uninstalling and adding or removing lots of programs, the data on the hard drive can be all over the place and your hard drive have to work more harder (and therefore slower) to access information on your hard drives. To Defragment your hard drives follow these steps.
    • Go to Computer and right click on the hard drive ad choose properties.
    • Now select Tools tab from the properties menu.
    • Click on the Optimize button from the from the optimize and defragment drive option.
That's All! Follow these tips and see some improvements in your Windows 8 PC performance.

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