Thursday, 8 May 2014

How to Display Only Summary on Feedburner Feeds

So you want to display only summary of your posts on your feedburner feeds. You can show only excerpts on the feeds in a very easy way.

Feeds are an important of any blog. It will keep the blog visitors and followers engaged and it will allow blog viewers an easy way to keep updated with the latest blog posts. If the feeds are used in a systematic manner than it can draw huge traffic to your blog. And one useful way for driving traffic from feeds is by showing only summary or excerpts on the feeds. If you will show only summary on the feeds than your users will not be able to read full post on the feeds and he/she have to go to your blog to read the full post.

Feedburner RSS service includes a summary burner from which you can control how much character is to be show in the feeds. You know you can keep it null to show only post title in the blog feeds. Let's now see how to setup Feedburner to make it show only summary or post title on the feeds. See the step by step process given below.

  • First of all go to the Feedburner and sign in if you're not signed in. After that click on the feeds of your blog.
How to Display Only Summary on Feedburner
  • Now click on Optimize tab located on the top menu.
How to Display Only Summary on Feedburner Feeds
  • The Optimize tab contains most of the tools to change the how your feeds are shown and how it will work. And with this tab you will be able to display only summary on your feed.
  • Now click on the Summary located near the footer of the left menu. See the image given below. The Summary Burner will allow you to set the maximum value of character shown in the feeds previews.
How to Display Only Summary on Feedburner Feeds

  • Click on the maximum length field to change the value of characters that will be shown in the feeds. Set any value.
How to Display Only Summary on Feedburner Feeds

Note: You can leave the field blank to show only post title on the feeds.
  • Optionally you can add add the teaser that will be displayed below the summary. But if you would like to add it than you name it like "Visit my Website to view full post and photos".
  • Click on the Activate button to make the summary view active on your feedburner feeds. Now you can go to your feedburner feed address to view the latest feeds of your blog in the summary view or title view.
That's All! I hope this tutorial helped you in displaying summary view on feedburner feeds. If you need help than feel free to ask on comments.

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