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Disable Seen Feature on Facebook Chat Messages

Whenever you see the messages sent by your friends on Facebook, a "seen by" notification appears on Facebook Chat and your friends gets to know that you have seen their messages. It always good to know that your messages have been seen by your friends. But it should not be like that as its not at all privacy. If you would like to disable this "see by" notification from your Facebook chat than you can stop this by using several extension on your web browser.

If you really want to disable seen feature from your Facebook and don't want to let your friends that you have seen their messages than use any of the below given extensions.

Facebook Unseen
It is a good extension for Google Chrome, lots of users use this extension. You can easily use this Chrome Extension to block seen by messages from your Facebook Chat. If you want to do a little than you can use any ad blocker to achieve this. With Facebook Unseen, you can manually mark the message as read. You can fully control which friends sees seen by notification on their chat. You can download the extension from here.

Disable Seen Feature on Facebook Chat Messages

If you don't like this extension, than their are many other extensions you can use to block Facebook Seen notification on messages or chat.

Facebook Chat Privacy
It's also a good seen feature disabler for Facebook. You can get the extension from here. It will automatically block "seen" + "is typing" status confirmations in Facebook Chats and Messages.

Block Seen in Facebook
This extension is used by many people and most of them have positive response to this Google Chrome extension to disable seen feature from Facebook Chat. If you would like to disable seen feature with this app than just download this extension from here and activate this extension to start blocking seen by notifications.

Disable Seen Feature on Facebook Chat Messages

Facebook Chat Message Seen Notification Remover
This Chrome extension also have many positive responses from their users. If you don't like any of the above extension for your browser than you can use this extension on your Google Chrome browser without any hesitation. If you would like to download this extension than get it from here.

Disable Seen Feature on Facebook Chat Messages

Facebook Seen Notification Remover
If you use Firefox browser than you can use add-on to hide Facebook Chat seen notification. It will only hide the notifications from chat and not from messages. After all, this add-on for Firefox will disable sending read reports to your friends. You can download the add-on from here.

You can use any ad blocker software to block seen by notification of Facebook. Take a look at the Ad Block Plus extension for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer. You can know more about this ad blocker software at Block annoying ads with Ad block Plus. Just create$xmlhttprequest as a new custom filter.

That's All! Increase your Privacy of you on Facebook with the help of any of the above software of your choice.

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  1. I usually use Facebook to connect with my friends from anywhere. Though it is a great platform, but we feel insecure about our privacy. This is a great article to disable seen option which gives some more privacy security. I have installed the Facebook Unseen extension to my chrome and it’s really working well.

    Thanks a lot from my side............


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