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How to Create Your Own Google Chrome Theme Very Easily

Their is a very large number of awesome and beautiful Google Chrome Themes available in Chrome web store. With those themes you can fully change or transform the design of your browser, it will change your background color and image, frame color, toolbar color etc. But what if you decided to create your own Google Chrome theme? With the help of official Google App you create your own theme with few minutes and within three steps.

How to Create Your Own Google Chrome Theme Very Easily

Chrome Theme is a zipped bundles of images, backgrounds and manifest.json file. The manifest.json file contains the scripts which helps in customizing and designing the themes for Chrome. Don't Worry about these files and programs as you will not need to anything with these files. Google has officially released an app which allows to design Chrome theme very very easily. You can choose your own custom background and toolbar colors and if you would like to share the theme with friends than their is also a way on this app. Now let us see how to create our own theme in a very easy way.

At first you will need to download and install My Chrome Theme App from Google Chrome Web Store. Just click on the link and it will take you to the My Chrome Theme App Page on the web store. After installing the app open it from App page.
Now click on Start making theme to start the theme creation process. In the next step you will need to upload your favorite wallpaper. If you don't have any good wallpapers than try searching for beautiful backgrounds on Google.

How to Create Your Own Google Chrome Theme

Now on this step, you can change the image effects and adjust image position. You can apply many types of effects to the image like sepia, black & White, warmer, cooler, inverted and many. But if you don't want to use any wallpaper as background continue to step 2.

How to Create Your Own Google Chrome Theme

After choosing your favorite wallpaper you can continue to step 2. In the following step you can change the color of the toolbar, frame, overlay etc. Just choose the color which fits on the background image you have chosen. You can click I'm Feeling Lucky to let the app to automatically apply the color to the theme which will fit the background image uploaded by you.

How to Create Your Own Google Chrome Theme

After completing all the above steps, type the name of your theme and write an additional description of your theme to describe it and click Make my Theme.
Great! Your new Google Chrome theme has been created. If you would like to install the newly created theme than click on the install my theme button. To share it to your friends than click on share and the app will generate a URL for you which you can share with your friends. Their is an another way or online app to create Chrome Themes. Go to this link and start creating themes. This online app offers more colors to choose and allows more customization options to make your Google Chrome Browser standout.
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