Friday, 25 April 2014

Simple Trick to Increase Internet Speed

So! you want to increase your Internet speed. Windows reserves some bandwidth for running QoS, you can limit or change bandwidth to gain a little boost in your browsing.

In my previous post on Computer we learn increasing the Internet browsing speed with the use of public DNS servers. It's a simple trick and can be configured easily. With the help of good DNS servers you increase the browsing speed and plus your online safety. Their are many Speed DNS servers which you can use for free. In this post we will see increasing your Internet speed by changing the reserved bandwidth of your Computer.

Your Computer reserves some bandwidth to use it for QOS (Quality of Service). It actually reserves 20% to 80% of your network bandwidth for it's quality of service like Windows update, Validation etc. If you will change your reserved bandwidth to 0% than you might get some boost in your browsing. Windows 8 have many feature which constantly use Internet connection. It means if you will set it to Zero than Windows will not use your Internet connection for those tasks and you'll get a little faster Internet browsing experience. But it should also be noted that, if you will change the bandwidth to Zero than Windows will not be able to QoS like automatic windows update, Validation tasks etc. If you have little slower Internet connection and you don't want your computer to use some of it's speed for it's tasks like Windows Update than you can change the value by following these ways. See below.
  • At first, Press R followed by Windows key (Windows Key+R) to open the run.
  • After opening the run type "gpedit.msc" on it and press enter. It will open the Local Group Policy Editor. See the image given below.
Simple Trick to Increase Internet Speed
Type gpedit.msc on Run and press Enter
  • Now double click on Computer Configuration and than choose Administrative Templates. Now Click on Network and than choose QoS Packet Scheduler.
Simple Trick to Increase Internet Speed
Local Group Policy Editor
  • You're navigating to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Network > QoS Packet Scheduler.
Simple Trick to Increase Internet Speed
Click on reservable bandwidth
  • Open Limit reservable bandwidth. It will open the following Window.
Simple Trick to Increase Internet Speed
Check Enabled and than change Bandwidth Limit
  • Now click on enabled and than change the bandwidth limit to Zero if you don't want your computer to reserve some bandwidth for it's QoS Tasks.
  • After making your changes click on Apply and than OK. If your System was using some network for it's services than it will now not use it and you might be getting better Internet Browsing Speed.
It should also be noted that, the QoS will consume bandwidth only if any program does request priority or require any update, otherwise, by default, 100% of the bandwidth of the network connection remains available for use. It means if QoS isn't processing any task than you will get 100% of the network bandwidth. By changing it's value to zero QoS will not consume any bandwidth and none of it's program will use network.

That's all! This tweak will change your Internet speed a little bit.

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