Thursday, 24 April 2014

Enable Secret Profile Manager in Google Chrome

So! you want to enable secret Profile Management feature in your Google Chrome browser. You can do this with very simple trick. Just follow these steps to enable secret profile manger in your browser.

Hey Peoples! I am sharing a new Chrome trick after very long time. This trick is also interesting like others and it will add secret Profile Manager in your Chrome Browser.
This is not a very new feature and it is available in older versions of browsers too. This feature is disabled in Chrome (by default) but you can enable it through it's experimental features page. You can access this page by typing "chrome://flags" in your browsers URL bar without quotation mark. After enabling this feature you will see a new button have appeared on the titlebar of your browser. It will allow you to manage all users present in your present in Google Chrome, you will be able to add new user in your Chrome and you can remove existing users from your browser.

Enable Secret Profile Manager in Google Chrome
See the Profile Manger and some of it's functions in the above image

You will also be able to surf the web as a guest user with the help of this feature. Surfing in guest mode will not save the sites you browsed in the history. Also, it will not store any cache and cookies in your browser. If you would like to enable this feature in your Google Chrome browser than follow the following steps carefully.
  • First of all, open your Google Chrome browser. Now type chrome://flags in the URL/Address bar. It will open a new experimental feature tab.
  • Now press CTRL+F to open the search box. After that type enable new profile management system.  See the image given below.
Enable Secret Profile Manager in Google Chrome
Click on Enable link and than press Relaunch now button to apply the new changes
You'll see the following options after searching "enable new profile management system"

Enable new profile management system Mac, Windows, Linux, Android
Enables the new profile management system, including profile sign-out and the new avatar menu UI. 
  • You will need to click on the enable button to turn on new Profile Manger in your Chrome browser.
  • Now after clicking the enable button click on Relaunch Now button to enable this feature. It is necessary to restart the browser so that the new setting can take into effect.
  • Take a look at the profile manager button in the image given below.
Enable Secret Profile Manager in Google Chrome
See the Button named Ashish(User Name) in the above image
  • If you don't like this button than you can disable this feature the same method as shown above.
That's All for today. I hope you like this new feature and trick. For more keep visiting. You can subscribe to our newsletter if you want to receive our recent updates straight in your inbox.

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