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Need For Speed (NFS) Most Wanted Cheat Codes and Tricks

So you are looking Need for Speed (NFS) cheat codes and tricks. In this post I will give you some working cheat codes and some tricks that you can use in NFS Most Wanted to complete the game easily.

All of you were familiar with the game NFS Most Wanted. It is one of the most popular car racing game. And when it comes to car racing games of PC's than NFS Most Wanted will be the first choice of most game lovers. This game have good story line and it is little difficult to complete this game without the use of any of the available cheat codes and tricks. But most of the cheat codes and tricks for Need for Speed Most Wanted don't work. It is really very bad to not to have very much cheat for NFS. It means you will have to complete this game yourself. You will have to know everything about this game and how it works. In this post I will give you some working cheat codes for this game and I will also tell you how to use & apply cheat codes in NFS Most Wanted. Before we proceed to the tutorial further we should first know the story of the game if you don't know.

Need For Speed Most Wanted Cheat Codes and Tricks

The opening of the career start with the player (you) coming to the RockPort city with a BMW M3 GTR car following Mia. While following Mia the player (you) is pulled over by Sergeant Cross' Corvette C6. Cross than explains player (you) that police is stopping street racing in Rockport. While talking to player (you) Cross is called up to a chase in progress. And since Cross don't have any evidence to arrest player (you) and so he leaved the player. He scratched the players cars for not being able to arrest the player.
After that all the races seems to be in favor of the Player (you) until some of the group of cheaters who were led by Razor sabotages players' car so that Razor can win the race. And after losing race the player got arrested by Cross with his car. But Cross have to leave player because of lack of evidence. And after that Razor jump to the Blacklist by using players' BMW M3 GTR car.
Mia than help the player in the races and tells him the plans of Razor in the Rockport City. She give player to choose a starter car so that the player can defeat top 15 Blacklist racers of this city who were most wanted by police.
After defeating Razor the player got his BMW M3 GTR car. But Razor revenge to give the car and so Mia than reveals that she is undercover police and working with Sergeant Cross. Suddenly police arrives and Mia than says the player to run and go out of the Rockport city. Cross arrests all the racers and in the final pursuit all the Rockport police alongwith Cross is running behind the player to catch him. After some time of pursuit Mia shows a Map to the player that will take him out of the city. In the last scene the player jumps of a broken bridge which is under construction and leaves the city.

Well, you are now familiar with story of the Need for Speed Most Wanted game. Now you would like to know some of the working cheat codes for this game. See below some of the working cheat code for NFS Most Wanted.

Functions of Cheat Codes
Cheat Codes
Unlock all Cars
Unlock Castrol Version Ford GT
Unlock Burger King Challenge
Unlock GTO

These codes can be applied on the Game screen on starting when it says click to continue. After writing the code with keyboard a message will popup saying about the functions which will be unlocked by the use of the above code. Let's know something about the above cheat codes for Need for Speed Most Wanted.
The burger king is an important unlock code. You should have to defeat burger king challenge. It will allow you to apply junkman part to your cars making it more fast and good.

The following cheats are for the console version of the game. In case you have arrived at this page from a search engine and were looking for those codes instead than try the below given codes.

Unlock Burger King Challenge
Unlock Castrol Version Ford GT
Unlock Free Upgrades
Unlock Porsche Cayman
Cheat code: L, R, R, R, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN

Better car performance
After upgrading your car with engines, suspension, brakes, etc., pause the game while racing and go to the "Performance Tuning". For better handling for the Lamborghini, Porsche, Corvette, and Viper, set the "Height" of you car to "-1". If you need more gripping power either take the "Height" to "-2" or set the "Aerodynamics" to "+1".

NFS Most Wanted Cheat Codes and Tricks

Easy Money
You can win an extra an extra $10000 but for this you must have Need for Speed Undergound Career available saved in your hard drive. After the prologue you will get an extra $10,000. You know that by selling the Car you will only get half price. If you want to get more than half price of your car than turn everything of that car to stock before selling car and get more money for your car.

When you arrive at a hard corner while racing than press speed brake to slow down the moments and after that easily turn your car without scratching anything. If you will use Nitrogen and Speed Brake in perfect time than you can turn three times faster than the computer. You can also trick heavy SUV's and road blocks when you will go to higher level of chase.

That's All! I hope you did enjoy reading this post on Cheat Codes and tricks for Need For Speed (NFS) Most Wanted. Just join your skills and game cheat codes at the perfect time and defeat the career mode. If you are a IGI2 fan than take a look at Cheat Codes for IGI2.
Thanks' and Happy Gaming.

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